Wish List Wednesday – Races Edition

There are so many fun races out there.  When I started to really get into this, I kept finding races I wanted to do.  Usually the initial attraction was awesome bling, but for the most part, these just look like fun races.  What’s keeping me from signing up for these races?  Well for starters – most are half marathons, I’m not there yet.  Then we have geography, cost, and not enough weekends in the year, etc.

So without further ado, my race wish list.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon – this is held in DC and San Francisco every year and they give out a Tiffany necklace at the end, what’s not to love?

Disney Princess Half Marathon (well any runDisney event really) – I have a vision of me running this particular one in a Sophia the First costume in honor of my daughter Charlotte (she loves her some Sophia).  I have a feeling though, that by the time we actually get down to Disney World to do this, I’ll be ready to do the Glass Slipper Challenge (the Enchanted 10K and the Princess Half) AND Charlotte will be over Sophia.

Beat the Blerch 10K/half/full – 2014 is the inaugural year of this race created by the creator of The Oatmeal out in Washington state. (If you haven’t read any of the Blerch, do it now, you won’t regret it) They have birthday cake and nutella at the aid stations!  There are requests for a virtual option – so if there is any chance of me getting a medal in the shape of the Blerch, I’m in.

Dreaded Druid Hills 10K – this is a race local to me, but as you can see from it’s name, it’s scary.  Why would this appeal to me at all?  For the challenge – definitely something I’ll consider for next year after I get more hilly miles under my belt.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – this is held in DC during Cherry Blossom time.  I just think it would be a beautiful race

Hot Chocolate 15K/5K – running and chocolate?  Not sure if this is a winning combo or not, but I’ll give it a go.  The closest one that have to me is in Philly.

A Christmas Story Run 5K/10K – this race is held in Cleveland in December near the Christmas Story house.  I actually travel to Cleveland for work frequently and I considered extending a trip to run this race.  Then I think December + Cleveland = Not Such a Great Idea.  They do have a virtual option and the bling is pretty cool – so maybe I can arrange this one at home with a group of friends.

Frederick Half Marathon – I grew up in Frederick, so being able to run a half in my hometown is kinda cool.  Frederick has a really cute downtown and it was a great place to grow up, even if I didn’t think so at the time.  They were my first 5K this year and next year I definitely plan to do the half.  I’m thinking that I might also sign up for the 5K the night before and earn the Nut Job medal.

Baltimore Half Marathon – um this isn’t so much a wish anymore as I signed up for this race this fall!  I start training next week with the Charm City Run training group and I’m super stoked!  What could be on my wish list for 2015 though is running both the Frederick Half & the Baltimore Half to get the Maryland Double medal.


What races are on your wish list?  Are they on the wish list because they are a goal race or just a fun race that isn’t easy to get to?  If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be?



  1. I will run all of these. 🙂 I LOVE the idea of running in a Sophia costume! Betty would probably make me dress up like Jake and the Neverland Pirates haha.

    My biggest wish list race that will never, ever happen is the Great Wall Marathon. A girl can dream though right? I also really want to do Mountains to Beach in Ventura, CA. I lived there for a couple years and would really like to go back and run through it again that way. 🙂

  2. I just found your blog through Run Salt Run! I am a Baltimore runner, too:)
    My husband just did the dreaded druid hills this past weekend and he said it was just as challenging as he thought it would be!
    I ran the Frederick 1/2 a few years ago and it was a good course and I loved seeing the area! And I will probably be at the Baltimore 1/2 this year too. I ran the full last year but the 1/2 is challenging enough for me:)

  3. Welcome to the bloggy-world! 🙂 I found your site via Run Salt Run!
    I love your list. I’m a TOTAL beginner — doing the C25K thing and just did my first 5K run/walk last month. I have two more later this year.
    I’m in Erie, PA so the Christmas Story one in Cleveland is pretty close and on my list. I also really want to do Run for the Dream in Colonial Williamsburg in VA because that’s one of my favorite vacation spots! Of course Disney, and I wish the “Beat the Blerch” would become a national race series (like the Color Run) in the future!!

  4. Hello from Run Salt Run’s blog – welcome to this blogging world, it is fun and welcoming (less than 1 year). I’ve never heard of the Beat the Blerch, sounds hilarious! As a local person, I would love to run more Baltimore based races (I am in DC), as far as my bucket list – Paris is up there as well as Big Sur (more so for the scenery)

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