Workout Wednesday

Had a great run this morning. Cleveland is so FLAT! Weather was awesome too.


I’m a little annoyed with Map My Run though, I accidentally paused my workout twice (not sure how) so the time is way off. Salt, is this one of your runs?

My time is usually twice what this recorded.

But I did get this lovely picture of Lake Erie. The Cleveland skyline is on the far right.


I was excited to finally be able to get out and run outside on one of these trips. Every other time I’ve had to get going to work too early to get it in or, being that it’s Cleveland, it was too freaking cold.

How do you get your runs/ workouts in while traveling?



  1. I hate it when that happens with apps, I’ve had that happen too and I know it’s off anytime there’s a pace below 10 minutes per mile. I only started running when traveling this year but it’s worked for me if I specifically plan out when I’ll be running and tell my husband. Then we both know it’s part of the schedule and it usually works out. I haven’t traveled solo and run yet so we’ll see how that works out on my next work trip.

  2. Haha I WISH I was that fast! I’ve had Map My Run pull that before on me too. So annoying. I love that picture you took out on your run! It looks beautiful there!

    I definitely try to keep up with my fitness the best I can while on vacation. When I went to Florida in Feb I worked out almost every day in some way or another.

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