Aaaah Friday!

So this week was a little hectic. When I travel for work, I’m always a little off. I got home really late on Wednesday night. After weather delayed my flight an hour, I then had to deal with construction traffic on the beltway to get home. This is how I spent my time at the airport:


I got home at about 11:30. And as I always do, I woke my daughter up for hugs and snuggles. She was excited to see me and equally excited to go back to bed.

Thursday was just a lot of catch up at work. No time to work out and I just didn’t feel like it anyway.

This morning I got up, took a walk around the block, and then did some strength training in my living room. Nothing too exciting because tomorrow is my first group run with my half marathon training group!


AAAH I’m running a half!!!!

I’m really excited & nervous to get started. There are so many thoughts and fears running through my head. I’m afraid I’ll be the slowest one. I’m afraid that at some point my knee is going to really act up and that I’ll have to drop out. I’m excited to do some real & regular speed work as well as figure out how to do a tempo run. I’m excited to learn about fueling. I’m also really excited to meet more runners and make some new running friends. So I guess there are more things to be excited about than nervous about. I usually run by myself so this will be a new experience.
I’ll make sure to post a recap at some point!

Any big plans this weekend? Do you prefer to train alone or with a group?



  1. It was great to see you this morning!! (I’m still laughing about the girls and their lunch bag convo.) You are going to do so great with that training group…seriously I don’t think you have a thing to worry about! I have always been such a solo trainer, but recently I’ve been having so much more fun running with a group. I would love to get in with the marathon trainers if my foot would just behave itself!

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