Half Marathon Training – Day 1 Recap

So it begins.


Saturday was my first group run with my half marathon training group.  It was gearing up to be a warm and humid morning.  This run was to start at 7 (or so) where I would typically run sometime around 6 AM. In preparation for the heat and humidity, I filled my Nathan handheld water bottle halfway with water and froze it the night before and then topped it off with water in the morning.

They started by grouping us by our planned mileage for the morning, ranging from 3-6 miles. Then we were led in some dynamic stretching to get us warmed up and then we were off! I only did 3 miles. I was wavering between 3 and 4, but my knee had been bugging me and I hadn’t run more than 3 miles in several weeks, so I played it safe.

As we ran, I stuck with a couple of other girls who were about my pace and we pushed each other up the hills and kept each other on the route (we were running a route in a neighborhood by the running store, so it was new to me.)

So this week, I have an easy 3 miles tomorrow, speed work Tuesday, cross train Wednesday, and a tempo run Thursday. When I look at this schedule though, I get a little sad because I’m not sure if I can fit in my spin class or body pump. I had been spinning on Tuesdays and Body Pumping (yes, it’s a verb now) on Thursdays for the past year and I love it. It’s still early though, I haven’t even gone through one week yet of this schedule. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

On a non-running related note, my daughter demonstrated that she could just about climb out of her crib. So in order to avoid these type of situations:



We transitioned to a big girl bed.

My my husband took the front of her crib off and voila! Big girl bed. Charlotte was beyond excited, she jumped around the house exclaiming “big girl bed!” and “I not believe this!”  We went to Target after gym class (where we threatened to put her crib back together because she was acting all toddlery). She picked out Sofia the First sheets and we were all set.  The first test was nap time – she’s pretty good about napping, she’ll try to put it off, but she was always pretty easy to put down.  With this newfound freedom, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She got up 5 times before staying in. The funny part though, is that she didn’t come out when she woke up.  She stayed in there until we went to wake her up.

Bedtime, she got up once. Then Sunday morning, we had to go get her.  I not believe this!  She stays in her bed! My husband was trying to tell her she could come get us when she wakes up and I shut that down…what was he thinking?  We’ve hit the jackpot here, let’s not ruin it.  Here she is enjoying the spoils of her big girl bed.  I couldn’t get better pictures because she wouldn’t sit still.



Sunday was spent around the house, a couple hours at the pool, and ended with foam rolling and an Epsom salt soak. My Saturday morning run, for some reason, has left me unusually sore. Maybe it was the new hills? I’m no stranger to hills, but there were more of them on the run.  Here it is Monday morning and my legs are STILL sore.  It had to have been the new hills.  I almost skipped my 3 miles today – but I’m glad I didn’t.  Me thinks it might be time for compression calf sleeves.

How was your weekend?  Do you wear compression socks?  Do you wear them while you run or after?  Can you tell a difference?



  1. Your daughter’s reaction to the big girl bed is adorable! I do wear compression socks after a hard run, but not usually during a run. I feel like they help with recovery for my shins and calves. I might be in my head but as long as they make me feel better 🙂

  2. I love her! She’s so cute in her new big girl bed (and great choice of sheets too!)

    Definitely get yourself some sleeves. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Pro Compression has such great deals all the time. It probably was the new terrain that threw you for a loop.

    I wish I was running with your training group!

  3. Congrats on starting training! I wear compression socks (I like the way they feel on my feet, so I haven’t switched to just sleeves) and have noticed recently that they really help me. At the end of last week my right calf was bugging me, then I went for a long run on Saturday and wore the compression socks for half the day after and my legs actually felt better on Sunday (no soreness at all) than they did Saturday morning before the long run! Crazy, right? So, I’d definitely recommend them!

    • Since I’m training with a group, I can’t control the schedule, or else I would make it work. It makes me sad to give up spin & body pump mainly because the instructor (same for both) is AHHHMAZING. Like, I hear her on my runs yelling at me in my head. There is another body pump class and they have a yoga for athletes another morning – it won’t be the same, but that may be the route I have to go.

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