Electric Run & A Busy Weekend

Wow – check out the Baltimore Half countdown.  That number was 3 last week.  Someone get a paper bag ready when that starts counting days.


I had a super busy weekend.  I had my second long run on Saturday morning (I’ll recap that on Friday with my Weekly Workout Roundup) and I did the Electric Run Saturday evening.  Then Sunday I took my daughter to a local amusement park. 


I signed up for the Electric Run waaay back in January.  It was early in my young running career and since it was a fun run I figured, “Why not?”  Well fast forward to July and I had my glow necklace & bracelets ready.  The race was being held in the Camden Yards / M&T Bank Stadium area.  My friend Amanda went with me, she used to run quite a bit before she had kids and has since picked it back up again.  

I had my packet mailed to me, it was only an extra $5.  Amanda had to pick hers up.  There was only one off site pick up at a local Sports Authority.  When she went, the line was snaked around the store, so she decided to pick up on race day.  Pick up started at 7 and we got there a little after.  We got through the line in about 20 minutes.  The race wasn’t starting until 9, so we walked back to a bar nearby and had a drink.  I wouldn’t normally have a beer before a run, but this was a “fun run” and I had already run 4 miles that morning.  I wasn’t trying to set any records that night.

We had our beer and then made our way back to the start chute at about 8:30.  As we approached the packet pick up area, there was a line snaking back to God knows where for that.  Thank God we arrived when we did.  We waited in a crowd to get into the race chute – we wanted to go with the early waves. There was a lot of techno, glow sticks, and glow in the dark body paint.  On the way there (we took our local Light Rail) there were a couple of Real Housewives of Baltimore County on the Light Rail applying glow in the dark body glitter.  Not my scene – my One Spot glow bracelets and necklaces were enough (thanks Target!).  

Once the race began we went through the first “land” which winded through one of the stadium parking lots.  It was supposed to be “Under the Sea”.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.  It was really just a bunch of glowing inflatables, some black light lit “cut outs” and some bubble machines.  Maybe because it was set up in a parking lot?  

Then it winded around Camden Yards and back to another parking lot to a “Candy Land” type of set up.  When you first went in, there was a machine spraying a cotton candy scent.  That was heavenly.  There were inflatable cupcakes, ice cream cones, what looked like gumdrops, and giant gummi bears.  Here is the one and only picture I took at the event.


Again, it was a little disappointing because we just ran through a parking lot with glowing inflatables.  

The next “land” was a tunnel of glowing arches – that was actually pretty cool.  Then I don’t remember going through any other “lands” – as we approached the finish there was a huge inflatable tunnel and then it was over.  Which by the way – my watch only tracked 2.83 miles.  I also feel like it was advertised that there would be 5 lands – we only ran through three, four if you count the finish line tunnel.  We finished up at about 10 and headed back to the light rail to head home. We didn’t stick around for the “dance party”.

So my overall impression, meh.  The pictures online make the “lands” look way cooler and immersive (if that’s even a word) than they were.  Maybe it was the site they had to put on the race – but it didn’t live up to what I was expecting.  Plus, according to my Garmin, the course was .3 miles short.  Would I do this one again? Probably not, it was $50. I’d rather run a real 5K for that kind of money.  

If you are looking for a “fun run” this wouldn’t be my first choice.  I’ve done the Color Run before and I enjoyed that one much more. 

Did you run this weekend?  Have you ever done the Electric Run or another fun run?  Ever run a race that didn’t deliver?




  1. Bummer that it wasn’t as advertised! Although that one pic you got is pretty cool! 🙂

    I have done a Spartan, Zombie fun run… and a dress up as Santa one! But I haven’t tried color/foam/electric, etc.

  2. Thanks for nominating me for the Inspired Blogger Award! I was out of town and sad because I had wanted to run this. Your recap makes me think it wasn’t worth the money though so I’m not too disappointed!

  3. I didn’t sign up for this before because I was on the fence. Then it turned out that I can’t really run so I’m glad I didn’t spend the money. And now I’m glad I didn’t spend the money because it sounds like a big expense for something that was just kind of meh. I do love your gummi picture though and I think this race recap is incredibly helpful!

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