Thursday Already?!

I’ve been MIA all week…and I apologize. I’ve had some pretty busy and long days at work this week. I’m okay with it though, because I leave for vacation on Saturday!! Just 2 more sleeps!

Beach or Office

I haven’t taken an extended vacation since last summer, so this is long overdue. I’m going to Bethany Beach, Delaware with my entire family – my two brothers, their wives, my mom, and my 7 nieces and nephews. When you count Charlotte, that is 8 kids under the age of 10. Maybe this won’t be a vacation after all.

I’m actually really excited to run while I’m there. Nice flat runs. I’ve got my easy, tempo, and speed workouts all planned out.  This will be my first vacation where I’m running.  That’s the beauty of this new addiction.  I can do it anywhere!  So after a nice morning run, I can take a quick shower in the outdoor shower and then get lotioned up for a day at the beach.  With a  toddler though, there probably won’t be much relaxing, so I won’t even kid myself.

As for right now, because I’ve been so busy at work, I haven’t made much headway in terms of packing or planning.  I’m kinda stressed because I wasn’t home Tuesday, worked late last night, won’t be home tonight and only have Friday.  And by Friday, I have to do a ton of laundry and won’t really be able to pack until Saturday AM.  Small price to pay I guess.  🙂

Have you taken any great vacations this summer?  Are you a good packer?  What is your essential vacation item?




  1. Ooo, that is going to be such a great vacation… once you finally get to it! 🙂 I had a really nice vacation in June for my sister’s wedding. 🙂 And a long one planned for Labor Day!

  2. Essential item? My running shoes! I’m the worst packer of all time though. I always end up forgetting something. I hope you guys have a marvelous time! I’m totally jealous. I need a vacation badly.

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