Weekly Workout Roundup

Aaah Friday.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow.  And I can’t wait.  Today is going to be one long day of waiting for 5 o’clock.  (Who am I kidding, I’m ducking out at 4.)

So my training this week has been as such:

Saturday – Long Run #2.  I did 4 miles on the NCR trail in northern Baltimore County. I actually found a girl that was keeping a good pace.  She was doing 9 miles so we split up when I hit two so I could turn around.  My splits were:

Mile 1 – 12:22

Mile 2 – 13:29

Mile 3 – 13:44

Mile 4 – 12:08

I obviously need to work better on pacing myself starting out.  When I hit mile 4, I was booking it trying to finish the run under 50 minutes.  This weeks long run I’m definitely going to try and start slower.

Sunday – Active Rest Day – After running the Electric Run Saturday night, I really needed Sunday as an actual rest day.  Instead, I took my daughter to an amusement park and spent the day walking around.  We had a blast though – she’s two and a half and knows how to have a good time. 

SwimsuitDW 2DW3

Wish I could have slept on the way home.

My legs were killing me at the end of the day.  I made out with my foam roller for a little bit and hoped for the best.

Monday – Off / Easy 3 / or Cross train – My legs were still killing me.  Particularly my hammies.  Just very stiff and tight.  So I took the day off.  Although guilt set in later and I did my knee exercises that evening and some arm work.

Tuesday – 2 Mile Time Trial – We met as a group on Tuesday to run our 2 mile time trial to determine what pace we will need to run for speed work later in the season.  It was hot and muggy.  Not my favorite kind of weather.  Before we started the time trial – the coach announced we would do a 1.4 mile warm up jog.  What the what?!  



You want me to run 1.4 miles prior to running 2 miles all out?  Whatever – it completely sucked but I did it.  And my time was actually not too far off from the 2 Mile “all outer” that I did the previous week when our Tuesday group was canceled.  So in the end, I got in 3.4 quality miles.

Wednesday – Off / Easy / Xtrain – I took this day off too.  I had to get up at 5AM to and get down to northern VA for work.  

Thursday – Tempo Run – This was one of two Thursdays my training group was scheduled to meet and we did a tempo run.  It was my first and I was really satisfied with how I did.  We did a brief warm up run (less than 1 mile!) from the running store to a starting point.

My splits for this run (including the warm up) were:

Mile 1 – 12:36

Mile 2 – 10:59

Mile 3 (.46 miles) – 5:50

I was really struggling that last bit, there was a huge hill.  My average was 11:59.  Since the route was hilly, I used my heart rate monitor to keep myself working.  I forgot to actually calculate what my max heart rate should be, so I just tried to run in the 170s.  I’ll definitely figure it out for next time though.  

Friday – Rest Day – Yeah!!!

My legs are finally feeling somewhat normal, but my hamstrings are definitely still tight.  I’m going to make an effort to do more stretching today and after tomorrow’s long run.  

Tomorrow I’ve got 5 miles on the calendar.  As I’m upping my mileage, at what point do I need to think about fueling?  I usually carry water and during my runs getting ready for my 10K I didn’t use anything.  

Should I start experimenting with Gu now?  What other fuel options do you use?  Did you have any awesome workouts this week?



  1. STRETCH!!! We can remind each other to do this. It’s pretty much imperative that I get better at my stretching. I am so jealous of your week. I want to run all these miles!!

    Definitely start experimenting with your fuel sooner than later to see what works for you. I personally love GU, but it can be hard on your stomach. If you do end up trying it, make sure you only drink water and not like sports drinks with it. I heard that can cut down on stomach upset. I am also a fan of Honey Stinger chews and Shot Bloks, but those get stuck in my teeth. Hammer Gel tastes okay, but the packaging sucks and always leaks all over my hand.

  2. I usually will bring something for fuel if I’m going to be out for over an hour, and then I’ll take it when I’m 45 min to an hour in. My favorites are clif shot gel (chocolate cherry) and gu (salted caramel). I’ve tried gummies and sports beans, but the longer into the run I am the harder it is to chew things. I usually take the gel half a packet at a time with water, and I’ve never had any stomach problems (wahoo!). Whatever you end up doing, you’re definitely doing it right by trying it out before race day!

    Have a fun vacation!

  3. I usually don’t need to have fuel while I run unless im going more than and hour…usually more like an hour and a half. But its definitely good to start trying out to see what you like! You could even start by trying it before a run. I always like to have it with water, so if you are taking it while you run you might want to also have water with you.
    Have fun on your vacation!

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