Happy Monday and Weekly Workout Roundup – Week #3

Coming back from vacation is always hard.  The worst thing about coming back from vacation is the unpacking, the laundry, and catching up on work email.   Some time between spending my weekend unpacking, trying to hardcore potty train my daughter, and just getting ready for Monday, I found time to try on a pair of shorts. And I didn’t cringe.

My legs are really not my favorite body part. I swear that at least half of the weight I have left to lose is in my legs. Yeah yeah yeah…I know, I shouldn’t talk negatively about myself, but for reals, I haven’t worn shorts since 2006.

This running thing I’ve been doing has been a real confidence booster. Not only have I lost weight, but my body has changed. I’ll never have long lean “runner’s legs” and that’s okay. My legs have been pushing me along for over 200 miles so far this year, farther than I’ve ever gone before (or ever expected to). So while they aren’t my favorite, I’ll have to start giving them the respect they deserve. Starting with a new “wardrobe” of running shorts and skirts.  (Target is having a sale this week ladies!)


Anywho, since I missed posting on Friday my workouts, here they are from last week.

Saturday – Long Run #3 – I feel like I kicked this run’s butt. It was in The Loch Raven Resevior area. For my Baltimore readers, you know this area is hilly. It was much hillier than I expected – Holy Hills Batman! I survived though and it was a beautiful run.


I experimented with fuel during this run too. At the halfway mark, I had my first Gu – Salted Caramel.


It was actually pretty good.  I’m not sure how much of an impact it had or not, but let’s look at the splits:

Mile 1 – 12:22

Mile 2 – 13:49 (up the hill)

Mile 3 – 12:51 (down the hill then back up)

Mile 4 – 13:56 (up hill)

Mile 5 – 12:36

I will also mention that my average pace this run was just 3 seconds over my 4 mile run pace the week before – and that was a flat course. So, the verdict on the Gu? I think it helped. Can’t wait to try it out again next week. I also had my first Nuun after my run, that was delicious as well.

Sunday – rest day

Monday – rest, but not if you count chasing a toddler around on the beach.

Tuesday – Tempo Run – I won’t go into the detail here, since I did the other day.  But I felt on top of the world with an average pace of 11:38.  Thank goodness for the flat eastern shore!

Wednesday – rest / active beach day

Thursday – I was supposed to do a tempo run, but I had such a horrible night of sleep I was too exhausted.  I did have another active beach day though.

Friday – rest

I’m kinda mad at myself for missing my Thursday run.  I really wanted to run at the beach again (did I mention it was flat?).   The run I did Tuesday was awesome and the long run I did this past Saturday (#4 which I’ll recap on Friday) was my longest ever.  So I did get some quality runs in.

What do you hate most about vacations (besides it ending?)  What’s your favorite flavor of Gu?  Where are your favorite places to run?



  1. OMG YES so hilly. I love running around there though. I might take one over there this week so that I can actually enjoy myself. Last time I ran those roads it was like -10 degrees outside.

    Thank you for the heads up on the sale! I need new stuff and I’ve been wanting to try running skirts for the longest time!

    I’m so so so so proud of you, my friend. You are kicking so much butt out there and you look fantastic! Running is the best. 🙂

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