First Speed Session & Yoga for Athletes

Okay – so truth be told I wanted to die last night.  I’ve never been so exhausted in all my life.  

girl sleep

It was my first speed work session ever so I didn’t know what to expect.  We warmed up with a mile run around the track and then a half mile of strides.  All of which I did too fast considering what was coming next.  My warm up mileage totaled 1.54 and I ran it at a pace of 11:48 when I should have run it at an average closer to 13:00 or slightly below.  

My work consisted of 800m in 6 minutes, which was fine.  If I finished earlier, I got to rest until my watch hit 6 then I had to run it again.  Then run a 400m cool down.  That was one set, then we got a longer rest and were to do it again.  The first go around was fine, the second go around I was struggling.  I ended up only completing 1 set.  I did try to start a second but failed miserably.  

So what went wrong?  I know I warmed up to quickly.  I need to stop trying to run with other people, that really throws me off, at least in the beginning.  It was my first attempt at speed work and it was hot as hell out.  So what will I do differently next time?  I’ll take it much easier on the warm up and pray for cooler temps.

Running is Evil

As hard as last night was, I got up early this morning to make it to a 6AM, Yoga for Athletes class at my gym.  I’ve been wanting to add yoga into my schedule since I need some cross training that is a bit more mellow.  I’ve done yoga DVDs before and used to take Les Mills class Body Flow before, so I have some familiarity but have never done a straight yoga class.  

The Mind & Body Studio in my gym is very “zen”.  Dark wood, darkly lit, mirrors all around (they do pilates and barre in there too).  In the front of the room there are four huge mirrors and in the middle is a wood panel with votive candles flickering.  The environment really gets you relaxed before you even start the class.

I won’t get into detail on the sequences, it was a lot of the basics.  I really liked that the mirrors were everywhere so I could see myself no matter what we were doing.  And when we were done, I felt so good.  Just so good.  Relaxed, stretched out, and just aaaahhh.  This is definitely going into my weekly rotation.  


Have you ever quit in the middle of a workout?  How did you deal?  What’s your favorite yoga pose?



  1. I’ve certainly wanted to quit!! The first speed workout is always the hardest. Now what you learned can be carried into your next one. I’m glad you didn’t die. 🙂

    I’m thinking I need to join that gym especially if they have early morning yoga classes. Retro has been nice because it’s so cheap, but I really miss the classes.

  2. I really struggled in my first speed workout with the training group too. I had no idea what I was doing and definitely went too fast for me as well. It gets better though 🙂 Weirdly, I actually kind of like speed work now.

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