Weekly Workout Roundup – Week #4

Well this week flew by.  I went back to work after vacation and jumped right back in.  No time to think.  I’ve been having calf tightness this week.  I thought I was stretching enough, but apparently I’m not.  Last night I resorted to using my rolling pin – and I found the tight spots but I just couldn’t get them out.  I’m hoping I can work them out a little more tonight so they don’t effect my run tomorrow. 

So this is how my week turned out.   

Saturday – Long Run – 7 Miles – 7 freakin’ miles!  OMG – I’ve never run that far before!  While I do feel awesome for the run, I don’t feel it my best effort.  I was coming off of vacation, so my diet the previous week was off, sleep was off, and I hadn’t really been my typical active self.  My splits were as follows:
Mile 1 – 13:17
Mile 2 – 13:46
Mile 3 – 13:20
Mile 4 – 14:05 (what happened here?)
Mile 5 – 12:57
Mile 6 – 12:19
Mile 7 – 13:52

I did stop for a minute at the 3.5 mark to take my Gu and turn around, so I think that is why the 4th mile looks terrible (I thought I had paused it). I really pushed it during 5 & 6 and it looks like I petered out during mile 7.  I was also running with two other girls so I dunno.  Oh well – I RAN 7 MILES!

seinfeld elaine

Sunday – rest

Monday – rest (over slept and missed my easy run, I gotta stop doing that) did my knee work in the evening

Tuesday – Speed Work – see that review here

Wednesday – Yoga for Athletes – AAHMAZING!

Thursday – Tempo Run – I did 2.71 miles at 12:01.  I wish I would have finished an even three, but I just didn’t feel like running around my block again.  Shame on me!  However – this run was awesome because it was in my hilly neighborhood and I only stopped for a legitimate rest at the top of the second hill.  I have almost conquered my neighborhood loop! (Take that speed work –  I’m still super awesome!)

Friday – rest

I’ve got 8 miles scheduled tomorrow – I hope it goes better than the 7.  🙂

Any suggestions for loosening up tight calves?  How were your runs this week – did you do anything amazing?

Have a great weekend!



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