Running Scavenger Hunt

So who has two thumbs and ran 9 miles?  This girl!

fist bump

I’ll give you a full recap of Saturday’s long run in my Friday Workout Review, but I guess I’m going to be doing this every Monday that I run longer than I ever have before.  All you experienced runners can remember when you felt excited about a new achievement, right?  

Amy over at Lets Go Running has been having scavenger hunts to help make her runs more interesting during the week.  You can read her first post about it here.  I’ve been meaning to take part on my easy runs and have finally had the opportunity this morning.  I’m really glad I did, it really made me slow down and take it easy, especially since this is supposed to be an easy run.

She is currently on week three and the 5 random items to find this week are:

  1. An American flag
  2. A traffic light
  3. Something pink
  4. A horse
  5. A fire hydrant 

Since my easy runs are through my neighborhood, I knew for sure I’d come across 2 & 5.  Numbers 1& 3 were going to take some looking.  Number 4?  Not so sure where I was going to see a horse.  I’m pretty sure our homeowners association would frown upon someone keeping a horse in their backyard.  

Here is what I found.

IMG_0963.JPGAn American flag at zero dark thirty.  I was so afraid someone would see me taking a picture of their house and think I was a crazy person, so I did this one quick.


Something pink – flowers!



A traffic light – both directions are lit up in this picture because at this hour in the morning, they are flashing.



A fire hydrant – easy peasy.


And now for the grand finale.


There is not one, but two horses on this sign!  Nothing said it had to be a live horse right?

This was really fun!  I’m curious to see what the other hunters come up with and I’m anxious to see next weeks list!  

How was your weekend?  Have you ever come across a random horse in your neighborhood?  Have you ever done a scavenger hunt on one of your runs?






  1. Um Amy is freaking brilliant. I need to go scavenger hunting on my next run. I tend to get a little bored out there and it will give me something to do.

    I AM SO PROUD OF THOSE 9 MILES!!!! Next stop…double digits! You are going to crush this half marathon. 🙂

  2. This is really cool 🙂 I did a scavenger hunt once but I think it lasted for a week. It had a long list of items that you could take photos of during your runs that week. It really was a lot of fun and added extra interest to my runs. That’s awesome that you did 9 miles this weekend!

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