Weekly Workout Roundup – Week #5

Another Friday, another week of runs.  Today is a rest day and I’ll be on the road for work – so I don’t get to sleep in, I’ve got to get out of the house no later than 7.  I actually got my Monday run in this week.  The past couple of weeks I had been skipping it because I was too tired.  So this week I logged my most miles ever!


Saturday – Long Run – There was a target range of 8-10 miles this week.  I had done 7 the week before and next week is a pull back week.  So I had originally planned to do 8, but when I got there I said I’m going for 9, depending on how I felt at the 4 mile turn around point.  And 9 is what I did.  This was a great run.

The last mile or so was tough, I won’t lie.  My Garmin started losing it’s satellite connection so I couldn’t tell how much further I had to go or what pace I was running and I kept wanting to take walk breaks.  I just kept telling myself “You can rest when it’s over.”  My Garmin did come back on maybe at 8.8 or something and when I saw that I remember feeling a big smile take over my face because I was so close to finishing 9 miles.  My splits looked like this:

1 – 12:46
2 – 12:28
3 – 12:31
4 – 12:36
5 – 13:59
6 – 12:54
7 – 12:30
8 – 12:54
9 – 13:22

At Mile 4.5 I turned around and gave myself a walk break.  I took a Gu at mile 3 and tried some Sport Beans at mile 6.  I only took a few, they were too chewy to eat while running at the same time.  I do like that they came in a resealable package.

I came home and gave myself a really good foam roll and stretch.  I worked on myself like I never have before.  I bought a stick roller at Target the day before too.  So when I was done with the foam roller, I kept working on my legs, especially my calves.  I didn’t want them to get as tight as they had been earlier in the week.  My legs were spent for the day.  Later that night I took an Epsom salt bath and felt much better on Sunday.

Sunday – Active Rest – I didn’t do much of anything except run errands.

Monday – Easy – I made this my Scavenger Hunt.  Read about it here.

Tuesday – Trail Run – the trail run didn’t happen, because, well, there was a monsoon outside for most of the day.  The skies did part just long enough for us to do a 30 minute speed workout.  Our small but mighty group ran a 1.4 mile loop for 30 minutes – after a 5 minute warm up, we were to alternate 3 minutes at 5K or 10K pace with 2 minutes at half marathon pace until we reached 30 minutes.  I actually like speed workouts like this as opposed to the all out running.  I did pretty well and my average pace at the end was 11:59.

Wednesday – Yoga – another lovely class

Thursday – Tempo – I totally almost skipped this.  My daughter got out of bed at 4:15 saying she was done sleeping.  I got her back in her bed fairly quickly, but I knew my alarm was going to go off at 5.  I hit snooze a few times and debated getting up.  I finally did get up, get dressed, and as I was putting my shoes on, had another debate where I actually took my shoes off and on twice.  Needless to say I got out there and had another great run in my neighborhood.  I did 3 miles and my pace averaged 11:36.  I also took some time to do my knee exercises.  I haven’t been doing them as regularly as I should since coming back from vacation.

Friday – Rest

Tomorrow’s long run is a pull back week, so I’ll only be doing 6.  Look at that!  I’ve reached a point where I can say “only 6”.  I’ve got a pretty laid back weekend planned, meeting a friend for dinner Saturday, taking Charlotte to the aquarium for the first time, and hopefully squeezing in some pool time. 

Hope you had an amazing week of workouts!

What’s on your agenda this weekend?  How do you recover from your long runs?


1 Comment

  1. Yay for only 6! You are getting stronger and stronger all the time.
    Don’t you just love when they decide they are finished sleeping at 4am? Ummmm no you’re not. The sun isn’t awake yet and neither are you. (That’s what we say in our house!)

    You had such a great week. That 9 miler rocks! I hope you guys have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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