Weekend Recap and Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend and I hope you did too.  I’ll start with a little about my Saturday long run.  It was only 6 miles.  Can’t believe I can say “only” and “6 miles” in the same sentence.  We were back at the crazy hilly Loch Raven Reservoir.  The last time I was there I had to run 5.  So this time it felt good, I knew the route and the hills so tacking on one more mile didn’t seem all that bad.  I took a Gu at the 3 mile turnaround mark and made great time.  I finished the run strong and felt good.  I’ll detail my splits on Friday.

Since we had a short run I got home in time to shower and to take Charlotte to her gym class.  She hasn’t been feeling it the past few weeks, but I wanted to go with her so she agreed to go with Mommy.  She had a good time and they want to move her up to the next level for the fall semester in two weeks which doesn’t require me to do the class with her (happy dance).  So I’m going to keep her in it and give her a few weeks in the new class to see how she does before I decide to pull her out.  

Sunday the family headed down to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  Charlotte hadn’t been there yet so we decided to give it a try.  She was her typical toddler self with zero attention span.  We thought she’d like looking at the fish up close and seeing the bigger fish – but it just wasn’t her scene.  Then we thought lets go see the dolphin show – she’ll like that.  We go to the Dolphin Discovery and realize it’s no longer a show, but a “sit here and watch the dolphins swim around and ask questions”.  Where did the dolphin show go?  They also do not have a “touch & feel” exhibit like they used to.  Overall I was disappointed.  I’ll take her back when she’s a little older, but still, no dolphin show?  

We did get a cute picture on the walk back to the car.


She wouldn’t smile so I consented to a silly face.

In other Charlotte news, she moved up to a new classroom at school today – so Daddy bought her a new lunch bag and backpack with her favorite princess – Rapunzel.  Here she is being the little diva she knows that she is:IMG_0987.JPG

Getting up this morning to run was hard.  So hard in fact that I didn’t get up.  Something about Monday morning runs just hasn’t worked for me with this training schedule.  They are just supposed to be easy runs, nothing crazy, but I just haven’t been able to make it work, except for once.  So – I’m going to try something new by running later this evening.  I’ve run in the evenings before, I’ve just avoided it due to the heat and having my child at home.  So that is going to be my new project – doing my Monday runs in the afternoon.  Otherwise, every week it’s just going to nag call me all day long that I didn’t do it.   

Run Is Calling


Hope you Monday is going swell!  


Have you answered the call yet today?




  1. Today’s a stretch and strengthen day for me but I usually run at night once my girls go to bed, sometimes during my lunch break but not that often. I wish I could run in the morning but life just doesn’t allow for it 😉

  2. Yay Charlotte! I love all her new gear! I hope she has a great day in the new class. 🙂

    I have yet to hear the call today. I’m thinking it will be on my lunch break. I’m feeling a little motivationally challenged this morning.

  3. This was a recovery week in my training plan as well and I had the same experience of telling someone that it was “only” 6 miles on Sunday. Who are we!?! The photo of your daughter with the silly face is so cute!

  4. I could not for the life of me get out the door yesterday morning either. I think it’s because I did my long run on Sunday this week, I normally have Sunday as a rest day. I go in and out of phases when running on Monday works and when it feels like the worst thing ever.

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