Great Running Gear Deals and a New Running Store

The other day I got an email from Zulily that Brooks running apparel for women was going to be on sale. For those of you that don’t know, Zulily is a shopping site geared towards moms that offers sales on children’s clothes and toys along with women’s apparel and home decor.

I usually will take a looksy but only buy when there is something I want. In the past they have had Saucony and New Balance shoes and I have bought Sweaty Bands from them last winter. Brooks definitely caught my eye. It was a lot of winter stuff (of which I have nothing) so I looked at a pair of Utopia Thermal Cozy Pants and a Utopia Thermal Hoodie. They were nearly half off so I couldn’t pass it up. My only concern was that I’ve never worn Brooks clothes, specifically pants. Pants are tricky for me, but I bought them anyway figuring if they didn’t fit I’d sell them to someone else.



Then yesterday, I got a notice from Cartwheel for Target that they are offering 40% off capris, 1/4 zip pull overs, skirts, and bras. I haven’t bought anything yet (and I stress yet). Zulily also sent me a notice that they have shirts and other things from Gone For A Run. This has been the week of running gear deals.

I’m traveling for work this week and last night I thought I’d try to find a local running store to check out for fun. I found a local chain called Second Sole. I went in and it looked much like my beloved Charm City Run. The staff was friendly and they had a good selection of shoes and apparel. I went to the clearance racks and found the same Brooks pants I had just ordered from Zulily, in my size. What are the odds? I tried them on and they fit! (And they felt AMAZING! Can’t wait for my other pair to come.). Then I checked the price and they were half off so I bought them (along with some more Nuun and Gu).

In talking with the employee, they were having a 10K fun run from the store tonight, but I had already done my tempo yesterday before I ventured out and I found a yoga class to drop into tonight. I am going to check out their event schedule the next time I’m in town and try to join in.


So next time you are in the Cleveland area, check out Second Sole. Support the local running community wherever your travels take you.

What deals have you found lately? Do you have a favorite local running store? Do you ever seek out local running stores when you travel?



  1. You know what I love? That our idea of fun is checking out local running stores. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is Zulily still having that sale? Because that hoodie is freaking ADORABLE. I need more stuff with hoods for this winter. I also need to make a stop into Target and see what they have on summer clearance because I really want to try a running skirt.

    • Well it’s either find a running store to spend money in or sit around a hotel room. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think the Brooks sale is over, but they do have some Lucy clothes on there now. The jacket is cute – and the hood has a ponytail hole.

      Download Cartwheel and go get a running skirt now lady! I’m actually surprised you don’t have Cartwheel already since you are a fellow Target addict.

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