Weekly Workout Roundup – Week #6

Happy Friday!  As you read this, I am sitting in an airport ready to come home.  I had a good week of training and I’m kinda looking forward to my long run this Saturday.  Call me crazy.

kristen crazy

Saturday – Long Run – it was a pull back week so I only had to run 6 miles.  Only 6.  Wow – I remember when it was “How will I ever run 6 miles?”  We were back at the hilly Loch Raven Reservoir and I did great!  The last time we ran there I ran 5 miles and my average pace was 13:07.  This time running 6 miles, my average pace was 12:28.  My splits were:

Mile 1 – 12:16
Mile 2 – 12:36
Mile 3 – 11:40
Mile 4 – 13:00
Mile 5 – 13:02
Mile 6 – 12:18

Can you tell when I was running back uphill?

Here is the elevation chart.

Loch Raven Elevation

Sunday – Active Rest – walked around the aquarium

Monday – Easy 3 – I was just too tired and chose to sleep.  I thought I might be able to get it done in the afternoon / evening, but my husband unexpectedly took our dog to the vet.  So what I did do was take Charlotte on a walk around our neighborhood and then came back in and did my knee exercises, push ups, and crunches. 

Tuesday – Speed Work – I actually enjoyed it this week!  We warmed up by running from the parking lot to the track and then running one lap around the track (about 1 mile).  Then we did two laps of strides – I still don’t know what I’m doing there, but hey, I’m running.  The work out was running around the track for 6 minutes alternating between race pace and tempo pace (so fast & slow intervals).  The intervals were not timed, but we switched based on when our coach blew her whistle.  So we didn’t know when the intervals were going to begin or end, we just had to keep running and switch pace at the sound of the whistle.  After the first round we got a minute or two rest then we did round 2.  That was intervals of race pace and all out running.  Then we did a third round that was like the first.  One of the other girls and I joked that the intervals were like a horror movie (with sweat instead of blood); you knew she was going to blow that whistle, but you didn’t know when. 

horror movie run

I learned my lessons from the last speed workout and took the warm up really slow.  I really like time based speed vs. distance based speed.  That’s how I used to do intervals on the treadmill over the years.

Wednesday – Tempo Run – It’s actually supposed to be a cross training day, but I’m out in Cleveland and found a yoga class to drop into on Thursday so I switched.  It was a hot and muggy run – but I got it done at a decent pace – 11:36/mile.

Thursday – Cross Training – Yoga – Here I go again, exploring while on work travel.  I found a studio very close to my hotel that offered a class called “Candle Light Basics” at 7:30 which was perfect, just in case I got tied up working.  So I signed up online and paid the drop-in fee. The class was an hour and 20 minutes of a lot of basics.  The instructor was great.  He didn’t take himself too seriously and made me laugh out loud a few times.  He walked around adjusting people as necessary.  One thing that was really awesome was I did my first shoulder stand.  I never tried before, although I don’t know how many opportunities I’ve had.  Still, that was exciting.  I’m excited to come back and take the class again next time I’m in town. 

Friday – Rest

Total Miles Run – 12.3 (Not sure why I haven’t been including a total miles run, but seems like a good idea going forward)

I hope you had a great week of workouts and that your weekend long runs go well!




  1. Kicking butt, my friend! I love how you were exploring all those new places while you travel. I would love to do that!

    You are going to be so well prepared for this half that it’s not even funny. Oh and that first gif? Hilarious. 🙂

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