What Day Is It Again?

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good 3-day weekend, but when I go back to work on Tuesday I get so confused.

Did you have a good weekend? I did my first 10 mile run eva! And I’ve felt it pretty much all weekend. The run itself was good, I kept a steady pace for the most part. I did have a question for those of you who have been running for a while. When I did try to take a walk break towards the end, my ankles and legs would just start stiffening to the point where I really couldn’t slow down and had to keep running. Is that normal?

I stayed at my mothers house Sunday night to go through two years worth of my daughter’s clothes in preparation for a yard sale. It was so sad, to see all her tiny clothes and also to see just how many clothes she has had over the past two years.

I did a hot and humid easy run this morning around my Mom’s neighborhood and finished up the last of Amy’s Scavenger Hunts. Well, technically I did the last two she posted since I slacked two weeks ago. So here is what I found.

A red car


A bumper sticker – didn’t say it had to be on a bumper.20140901-205329-75209970.jpg

A mile marker (this counts right?)


Christmas lights – look behind the lawn jockey, see that lit up tree?


A running trail – can’t wait for cooler weather to take advantage of this running route again.


A water bottle – I didn’t see a water bottle, but I did find a Gatorade bottle and a mini vodka bottle. One’s gotta count.


A curvy slide – not the curviest, but it’s got some slight curves.


Neon clothing – yeah for packing my green shirt!


What I could not find was a sundial (or outdoor clock) or a Disney lawn ornament. I might have been able to find these if I had felt comfortable going into people’s yards and really inspecting what they had in their landscaping. I don’t think the neighborhood watch would really buy the excuse “I’m not looking in windows, I’m doing a scavenger hunt.”

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! 


Did you do anything exciting over the long weekend?  Is there ever a point on your long runs when you try to stop and walk and your legs won’t let you?  Do you know where I can find a Disney lawn ornament?












  1. When I walk late in a long run I usually have problems starting back up again, not walking.
    The problem is that your joints,tendons and muscles are all inflamed from the beating you’ve been giving them. Everything hurts.
    It is better to do some walking early in a long run. This gives your body some time to recover. Even a 1 minute walk can make a difference.
    You’ve probably heard of Fatlek where people run 5 min and walk a minute. I’ve seen people use this method successfully at marathons.
    At my next marathon my plan is to walk all water stops and see if I can get past the usual mile 20/21 mark when things usually get bad for me.

    • Thanks! That makes sense. Now that my runs are getting longer I knew it wouldn’t be easy – but I didn’t expect my body to prefer running to walking. 🙂 This route was really flat so I didn’t feel the need to take walk breaks like I have on my hillier routes. Next week I’m scheduled to do 11 on a hilly route, so I’ll see if that makes a difference.

  2. I find that if I stop and walk during my run that its hard to get running again and I end up needing to stop and walk more…and once I get into the grove and have been running for a while it feels weird to stop- kind of like what you said! I agree that its weird to get back to wok after a 3 day weekend!

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