Not Running & Food Poisoning – Kick Me While I’m Down

I haven’t had the best of weekends.  On Friday, I made the call to skip my long run Saturday morning as my knee is still nagging me.  Although, the humidity was insane and I think a lot of people in my group cut theirs short.  Saturday ended up being pretty busy.  Since I wasn’t running, I went to my Mom’s house to help her with a yard sale.  Charlotte had a birthday party in the middle of the day, and my husband’s boss had invited us over in the evening. 

Sunday, I went back to my Mom’s to help her with her yard sale (it was a 2 dayer).  And I was there most of the day.  I headed back home around 5 and started to feel nauseous on the ride home.  I laid down on the couch and around 7:30 it started.  I won’t give you all the dirty details, but it went on all night about every 2 hours.  I tried to sip some water and that would just come back up.  It was awful and right now as I type this I still feel awful.  It has subsided though.  I’ve been able to keep down 5 saltine crackers and some Gatorade.


The worst part about it is I have no idea what it was that caused it.  Most of what I ate over the weekend was in group settings so someone else should have come down with something too.  Who knows.  The last time I had food poisoning (unfortunately this is not my first time this year) was back in June at a work conference and half the people at the conference came down with it.  We must have chosen the wrong buffet line. 

My knee pain has been lingering – while I haven’t been laid up on a couch for the past week, I did expect it to subside a little.  So I’m rather annoyed.  I made an appointment with a new physical therapist for tomorrow to see what exactly I can do with it. 

My race is in 6 weeks.  When my other knee started bugging me in May, it would flare up but go away – this has not gone away ever.  I’m hoping that I have enough time to get my knee back in shape and get in enough training runs to finish the Baltimore Half.  I’m just really disappointed about it right now – I’m so afraid that this is going to be a disaster.  I felt so good during that  last long run, I never expected this knee issue to pop up, much less linger on for over a week.

sad yoda

Enough of my pity party – time to have another saltine cracker.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!

How was your long run this weekend?  Did the humidity get you?  Have you ever had food poisoning?



  1. Oh no…hope you are feeling better soon! Food poisoning is the worst! I’ve had food poisoning and I’m lactose intolerant so I know what it’s like to eat something and then get super sick.
    I had a terrible long run last and the heat got me…though I also don’t think I was properly hydrated before my run. Bad me.

  2. Sorry to hear about your knee! I don’t have much experience with knee injuries but I did have a little knee pain last year and what helped me was foam rolling all the muscles around the knee- like the quads, inner thigh (mine hurt on the inside of my knee) and calves. Hope that the PT will help you feel better quickly!

  3. Oh my what a weekend 😦 hopefully you’ll be feeling 100% better soon- both your stomach & your knee!
    The humidity was a BEAST last Friday & Saturday. Luckily I waited until Sunday to do my long run & the storm on Saturday night cooled it down quiet a bit (but also made the trail crazy muddy, making for a slower run anyway)

  4. Oh man that is tough! I hope you’re stomach is back to normal today, and the PT has some good tips regarding your knee. 6 weeks is a decent amount of time, so even if you have to step back a little bit, you should still be in pretty good shape for the race.

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