Who Has Two Thumbs and Can’t Run?

This Girl.


Well it wasn’t just plain old runners knee as I was hoping.  Since it wasn’t feeling better after several days of rest, I knew it wasn’t good.  It’s a stress reaction in the tibial plateau (so says my PT) which if I continue to run on it, could turn into a stress fracture.

Well at least I stopped running.  I don’t know how anyone could continue to run on this.  It hurts and if it hurts it’s just plain dumb to continue to run on it.

Here is what I’ve been able to discern about my current medical predicament from Google and my PT:

  • a stress fracture is a small crack in any of the weight-bearing bones of the body; requiring typically at least six weeks of no running at all
  • if you catch a stress fracture early on—at this point, it is classified as a stress reaction and may only require a few weeks’ time away from running (what we think I might have now)
  • after a thorough review of my running in both my primary shoes, I need orthotics (in my running shoes and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for my work shoes too), my feet roll in causing my knees to roll inward
  • it shouldn’t hurt when I walk (it does currently, but I’m attributing that to all the poking, prodding, and shoe testing of the past two days)
  • if it continues to hurt when I walk (after a few weeks of doing the assigned exercises) – I’ll need an MRI
  • no matter what, we are looking at a long period of time of no running

I am beyond devastated.  I almost don’t know what to do with myself.  I was working hard towards a goal and now it’s like the rug has been taken out from under me.  At this point I can plan for the worst and hope for the best.  The worst being that this is a fracture and I’ll need to stop running, probably for the rest of the year.  The best being that this starts to feel better and I can start running again (slowly) after 3-4 weeks – hopefully being able to walk / run the Baltimore Half.


I’m currently making mental peace with the worst – but as I type this I want to cry.

In order to try and make peace with the worst, I’ve come up with a “pro” list of all the things I have time for now that I’m not training.

Here are some things I can do with all my free time not spent running:

1.  Attend gym class with my daughter on Saturday mornings.  As my runs were getting longer, it was getting tough to be home in time to go, much less participate since I was sore, or do much of anything on Saturdays.

2.  H2Run – this is a pool class offered at my gym that I fully plan to take now that I can’t do much else.  They have Aqua Zumba too – I might be more inclined to take that since my body would be underwater and I can’t see the silliness.

3.  Clean up my house!

4. Attend Spin Class again – I know I need to take it easy, but if I can bike and not hurt, I know I’ll be able to get my sweat on with my favorite instructor.  If it hurts, I promise I won’t do it.

5.  Food prep – I’ll have more time to plan and possibly prep meals on Sunday – because I won’t be useless on Saturdays.

6.  Socialize on Friday nights!

Have you ever had a stress fracture or stress reaction?  What did you do while not running?  Give me some other ideas on activities I can do!

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor.  The information provided here is from my own research and what my doctor told me I could and could not do.



  1. Nooooooooooo! It’s good that you have a plan for other activities (pool running etc) and more time with your family…and cleaning your house…ha ha. I actually would love to have a little more time to clean my house!. Rest up.

  2. Oh no! This is terrible news. Good thing you stopped running on it and prevented it from getting any worse! Your plan for recovery sounds like a good one, and hopefully it won’t feel like too long.

  3. Yuck, I’m so sorry to hear about your knee 😦 I love the plans for the extra gym classes. The water based classes sound great and my understanding is that they’re good for recovery periods. Maybe yoga if the instructor feels like it wouldn’t exacerbate the knee?

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