Workout Round Up

So I’ve made good on my last post.  Since I can’t run, I was a cleaning fool this past weekend.  I even pulled my refrigerator out and scrubbed and mopped behind it!  Confession – I haven’t done that ever since moving into this place 6 years ago.


On the knee front, after all the poking and prodding last week, my knee actually has felt pretty good since about Thursday.  No pain walking or going up and down stairs (which is promising).

Here are my workouts for the past week:

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – PT Exercises

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Spin Class – Pain Free!  I’m so excited to have something that actually gets my heart rate up!

Sunday – H2Run – this is a pool class.  I’m not actually sure what this class is, because this first class I attended had a sub instructor that turned the class into Aqua Sculpt.  It was a good class – I was the youngest person by about 15 years (or it felt that way at least).  With a  flotation belt on, we bicycled around the pool, used “weights” to do flys in the water, kicked our legs, did water lunges, etc.  It was interesting and I felt it later in the day.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – PT Exercises

So that’s how my weeks are going to be.  My husband is out of town this week so I couldn’t go to spin this morning and won’t be able to make yoga tomorrow.

I have to be honest – it is kinda freeing not having to be on a schedule right now.

Do you feel strangely free when you finish up a training schedule?  Have you ever taken an aquatic class other than swimming?



  1. Looking good! I’m glad to hear the knee isn’t bothering you when you walk anymore. I’ve never taken an aqua class or swam for exercise, but the idea is appealing. I just need to make myself go (harder than it sounds..haha).

  2. That’s awesome you can do the H2Run swim class… I would love to do something like that just to change it up. I have four more weeks of my training and then the half marathon….I’m really looking forward to running when I want and not following a plan.

    • While I was on my training plan, I had to cut my usual gym classes because they were on days that I had my runs. When I get back to this again, I’m switching up the days so I can make my Spin & Body Pump classes. I had never taken a water class before and I really like it. You can tell you are getting a work out, but it doesn’t feel like it.

  3. Glad to hear you can enjoy spin class pain free! I haven’t been going as often as I like, but it’s such a great workout 🙂
    I wish I could say it felt freeing once I finish a training cycle- but it’s hard for me to rest! I just raced 2 days ago, but am kind of dreading the thought of taking it easy for the next 2ish weeks. I’m trying to take recovery seriously so I don’t burn myself out again, but boy is it hard to not have my endorphin rush daily 😉

  4. Yay, I’m glad your knee is feeling better! I’ve never cleaned behind the refrigerator either. We’re renovating the kitchen next week so I’m sure it will be pretty gross when they get around to moving the appliances.

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