I Beat the Blerch! & A Workout Round Up

What a busy week!  My husband was traveling so it was just me and the Char-bot for most of last week.  Then we had a super busy weekend that included spin class, gym class, a birthday party, and a Blerch.

If you read my post about my Race Wishlist, you’ll know that I really wanted to do the Beat the Blerch 10K/ Half / Full Marathon that was held in Washington State.  No way I was ever going to make it to Washington State for a race, but lucky for me, they offered a virtual options.  I threw it out there to my Moms Run This Town group and several of us purchased the virtual kit and agreed to try and do the run.


Check out all the sweet swag!  Cupcake lipbalm? Yes, please!

This past Sunday, we did our Virtual Beat the Blerch 5K.  The actual race was held over the weekend too.  Don’t worry, I didn’t run, I just walked about 2 miles (I’m totally guessing since I didn’t wear my GPS.)  In the spirit of Blerchiness, one of the gals brought some chocolate chip cookies for afterwards.  Love me some cookies!  Since I couldn’t run this – I’m probably going to run it by myself another weekend in the future, so I can really feel like I earned my medal.


Congrats Ladies!

Later on that day, I took my daughter to a birthday party that was held at a gymnastics facility and we had a blast hopping on trampolines, swinging on ropes, and jumping into foam pits.  I’m so thankful that all this running has allowed me to be able to keep up with her!

After the birthday party, we went in search of the Fields of Sunflowers.  I had never heard of it before and just this past weekend 3 different people posted photos and I had to find it.  It’s not even far from our house.  Basically they are part of a farm and the sunflowers are in full bloom for about two weeks in September.  It was absolutely stunning.  I really didn’t get enough good photos of the sunflowers, but that’s okay.  Charlotte had a blast and she’s been talking about sunflowers ever since.

Sunflower Field


Okay – so on to my workouts for the week.  I haven’t gotten back in the pool, because of timing, but I did get some decent spinning done.  Two hour long classes and a 30 minute ride with an app.  My knee is feeling great.  I’m getting so optimistic for my appointment next week.

Weekly Workout Round Up

Wednesday – nada

Thursday – PT Exercises

Friday – nada

Saturday – PT Exercises & Spin Class – I totally love this instructor.  She teaches on Tuesday mornings too.  She’s very motivational and her classes kick my butt.

Sunday – 2 mile walk & birthday party at a gymnastics facility (I bounced around a lot chasing after my daughter)

Monday – Spin App for 30 minutes in the AM & PT exercises in the evening

Tuesday – Spin Class

Looking forward to yoga tomorrow morning to stretch out the legs.

How were your workouts?  Beat any Blerches of your own over the weekend?



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