Weekly Workout Round Up

So not much going on over here other than pure AMAZEMENT that it’s October already.  Back in August I was in a rush for fall and it’s here!  I’m excited for Halloween – so excited that I put up my Halloween tree and decorated my mantle with all my harvest decor (no pic of the mantle yet).

Halloween Tree

Don’t mind the wedding pic in the background – there is a spooky black veil coming to cover it later.

halloween shelf

So on to the workouts.  Kept up with my cross training and I’m ready to see the doc tomorrow.

Wednesday – Yoga

Thursday – PT Exercises

Friday – Rest

Saturday – PT exercises & Spin

Sunday – H2Run – I finally made it back and it was the real deal this week!  This class is fantastic.  I was breathless within the first 10 minutes.  We did a lot of swimming (with the flotation belt and water weights.)  The teacher would show us two or three moves that we would do three or four times in a row then rest.  Then we would move on to another set of moves.  At one point we were using a yoga/ pilates ball between our legs and kicking (I felt like a maimed mermaid at times).  It seriously was a great cardio class and I can’t wait to take it again.  I won’t be able to make it back for another two weeks though.


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – PT exercises & Spin

Wednesday – Yoga

So tomorrow is the day I find out if I can start running again.  Frankly, I feel as though I could have started running again weeks ago.  If I get the go ahead – I’m going to try a mile or two Friday morning and then reach out to my coach regarding a plan for the Baltimore Half.  Which according to that ticker over there is 17 days away.

I know I’m going to have to run walk it – but with just two weeks left – I need a plan!  Guess I should just wait until tomorrow to decide what to do.  Cross your fingers and toes for me!



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