Last Long Run

So this is it!  My last long run is done and I’m in race week.  This time next week I will officially be a half marathoner!

I was scheduled to run 5 on Saturday morning, but it was pouring rain and dark.  When our group met up, our coach gave us the option of doing it later in the weekend if we were able.  I chose to do that.  I’m not adept at running in the rain and I didn’t feel like learning on a route I’m not all that familiar with.  So I chose to do it Sunday afternoon.  Which probably wasn’t the best idea since I ate horribly all weekend and got horrible side stitches 2 miles in.  Despite that, I got it done and it was a beautiful day!




I also had a delightful fall weekend and spent some time at the pumpkin patch with my little lady.


So as the race approaches, 4 days from now, I’m all kinds of nervous.  About what to wear, logistics, etc.  So here is my unofficial checklist.

  • Get playlist set up on phone – CHECK! – I did this two weeks ago.  It’s pretty much most of the same stuff I’ve been listening to during training, but with a few new ones added in and put in a particular order (I really want to cross the finish line to a particular song)
  • Pick out what to wear – CHECK! – I was going back and forth between two shirts.  My Badass Mother Runner shirt, which I wore during the Baltimore Women’s Classic back in June or a new bright coral tshirt (I tested it out on my run this past weekend).  I already wore the BAMR shirt in a race, but I really like it and the coral shirt is super bright so Brian will be able to see me when I run by.  So after testing the coral shirt – I think that’s where I’m leaning.  It actually matches the coral on my shoes and I hate looking matchy matchy, but I don’t care.
  • Gear – CHECK! – so my phone is huge is barely fits into my fuel belt pocket with barely any room for my Gu.  My last few runs back in August I liked wearing my fuel belt up front so I could access my phone, but then I thought – where will I pin my bib?  Another reason this weekend’s run was good.  I wore my fuel belt in the back to accommodate my bib on Saturday AND I used my SpiBelt to hold my phone up front.  It seems entirely unnecessary to carry that much gear, but I want my water on me and I want my Gu and I want my phone.  I’ll just do the run looking like a bag lady with a funny shaped lump up front under my shirt.
  • Travel – CHECK! – So with the Orioles potentially having a home game that evening, the races all moved up an hour.  We have a light rail system that starts 5 minutes from my house and stops right by the race area.  Sweet right?  Well with the time changes and available trains – I had the option of getting downtown at 5:30 (my race starts at 8:45) or 7:00 and missing the marathon start.  Just today they announced a second early train that would put me down there at 6AM…so problem solved!  I can get there early enough to settle in at the bar Charm City Run rents out for it’s training groups, take care of some last minute potty issues, watch the marathon begin, and savor the calm before the storm of my first half marathon.
  • All the little things – I have them, but not all together yet – Gu, Garmin, socks, post race attire (if I have space for it), flip flops for post race (if I have space for it), headband or visor (haven’t decided), Sunglasses (I’ll bring them, but not sure if I’m going to wear them or not).

I have a pretty easy week, 3 miles tonight, yoga tomorrow, 2 miles Thursday, then a 1 mile quickie on Friday.  If I don’t post again – the next time you hear from me I’ll be a half marathoner!!!!

Did you have a great run this weekend?  Any last minute tips for my race on Saturday?  



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