A Week Post Half – Recovery Week

So, what have I don’t this week?  Absolutely nothing.  I went to yoga Wednesday.  I had planned to do my first post race run on Friday morning, but when I got up my foot was hurting again.  Luckily, this past Saturday morning, Charm City Run was having a free injury clinic, so I set an appointment to go and have it looked at.  I love my current PT, but with an $80 co-pay I opted for a free session before I go and see her again.

Turns out, in my efforts to alleviate my knee issues, I’ve been over-correcting and putting too much pressure on the outside of my left foot, leading to a mild Plantar Fasciitis.


Lucky for me, it’s not constant and not debilitating, but I was basically told to stop overthinking my pronation.  I don’t pronate that bad, but there is a delicate balance I need to find between some pronation and not having my knee rotate in too far.

Overall – a lot of the leg raises and core work my PT has assigned will help with all of that as I get my hips, glutes, and core stronger.

I had planned to get up this morning and run, last night when I checked the weather it said that low would be 47 – which is tolerable.  I had my clothes laid out, and I hit snooze a few too many times.  When I did eventually get up, I went into the bathroom, checked the temperature again, and it was a brisk 34 degrees.


I was not prepared for that – last winter during all that nonsense I was doing the treadmill at the gym.  Since I hit snooze too many times, I didn’t have time to go and get back in time.  So back to my snuggly bed I went.  I brought my clothes to work with me, the plan is to either stop at the gym on the way home to pound out a couple miles before picking Charlotte up, or to go straight home and pound out the two miles and have Brian pick Charlotte up.  Haven’t decided.

So what’s next for the Sweaty Mama now that training is over?  I do feel kinda lost without a training schedule, but my plan is to get back into a regular exercise routine, with some running and cross-training.  As far as races, I do have two next month.  A little 5K next Saturday, November 8th and Zoo Zoom on November 23rd.  I feel like I need to have at least one race a month to keep me running.  I do plan on doing a half next spring, so I need to keep up my running and get stronger to avoid more injuries.


I hate to end on a sad note, but I have to pay tribute to my beagle.  Last Saturday, after my awesome half marathon, I had to put my dog down.  His name was Jack, and my husband I adopted him back in 2008, when he was 6 years old.  He was such a sweet dog and we were so lucky to have him part of our family.  He was our first baby.  Jack had back problems ever since we got him, it seemed like every two years he’d have some kind of back issue that would get better with painkillers and lots of rest.  He had the issue earlier this year and then two weeks ago, it popped up again along with his neck.  He stayed at the vet for a week, getting shots twice a day, with no improvement.  We brought him home the the Friday before the race and at about 2AM that morning, I awoke to him pacing the living room crying in agony, he wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear.  I left for my race and Brian took him to the vet where he was sedated and told he could have a surgery which wasn’t guaranteed or he could be put to sleep which would honestly be the best decision (vet’s words).  He was 12 years old and we had to think about his quality of life going forward.  So after I got home, showered, and stuffed my face, we dropped Charlotte off with our cousins and headed over to say goodbye.  There is an empty spot in our room where his bed used to be and it’s hard to get used to.  I love you Jack Dog!!!!



  1. Good thing CCR had that free clinic! Hopefully the exercises your PT recommended will make a difference over time.
    I’m so sorry to hear you had to put your dog down! It’s strange and sad how much quieter your home feels without a dog wandering around once they are gone.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dog 😦 I never had pets growing up but now have two cats and just had no idea how attached I could get to them. They feel like part of the family and I am sure the same is true of Jack. It sounds like you made the best decision for his happiness and quality of life.

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