Well that sucked…

I had a great little post all ready for this past Monday, chock full o’ post Halloween goodies and excitement for my upcoming 5k tomorrow.  Until BAM!  I was hit with a virus.


I hear ya Cameron.

It started with a cough on Saturday that I attributed to the dry air from turning the heat on for the first time.  Then the body aches set in, then I had a fever from Sunday through Wednesday.  Then a hacking cough.  I still have a hacking cough today, but feel well enough to wander out into the world again.  I’m pretty sure I caught it from my little carrier monkey.  She always seems to be bringing something home that I don’t want.

DorothyHere she is, probably carrying around a virus is that basket with Toto.

It really thwarted all my plans for the week.  I had planned on getting a few runs in to get ready for the 5k tomorrow – which I have smartly decided to not do given the week I’ve had.  But I also needed those runs to get ready for the 8k in two weeks.  My running has really run off the rails since the half.  Now that it’s cold and dark all the freakin’ time, it’s made it that much harder to get back on track.

Can’t wait to feel normal again!

How do you get back out there once you feel you’ve fallen off track?



  1. Ugh…not a fun week! As far as getting back out there, my best advice is to just go and not think too much about it. The breaks we take after races and for illness always seem so much longer than they really are. Don’t put pressure on yourself to pick up with tough workouts, but also try to remember that you’re a runner and running is something you do, it’s as simple as that.

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