Zoom a Zoom Zoom at the Zoo Zoom!

So yesterday morning I ran what will be my last race of 2014. The Zoo Zoom at the Maryland Zoo.


I haven’t run much since the half due to lack of routine and illness, so I didn’t feel at all prepared for this.  It was also going to be cold, high 30s, and I haven’t been running in the cold since last spring.  I went into it knowing I would run/ walk it and just have a good time. Several people I know were running it, including Salt (who, by the way, PRd and won 2nd place in our age group!) and my friend Anna, who was in my half marathon training group.


Selfie with the Salty kitty.


Anna and I in our matching leopard pants.

Mile 1 – 11:22 – This started out in the Druid Hill Park area.  I started out running with Anna and I went out way too fast.  It started on a downhill, so it was kinda hard not to.  After we hit the first mile, I let her pull ahead.

Mile 2 – 12:46 – This pace was more my speed, but there were some uphills I had to get through that also slowed me down.

Mile 3 – 13:01 – Nothing to write home about during this mile.  Just some rolling hills and the water stop.  I did find a guy to pace behind.  He was an older fella wearing Vibram shoes which just baffle me.  No offense to anyone digs ’em.

Mile 4 – 13:23 – We finally enter the zoo!  We had a nice downhill to start and then passed the new penguin exhibit.  We had another glorious downhill and in my mind I knew this was going to end in an uphill.  It was the worst uphill ever!  I also noticed that me and another girl kept passing each other, so I kept trying to keep up with her.

Elevation MapSorry this isn’t clearer, but check out those hills in the second half!!!

Mile 5 – 15:53 – This pace is not completely accurate since I forgot to turn my Garmin off after I crossed the finish line.  This section went past the Chimpanzee Forest, through the African Journey, and past the Giraffe house.  None of the animals were out of course, they were smartly snuggled in their beds.  The mile ended with another uphill that was unnecessary, but the actual finish line was downhill so it all worked out.


On the left is Mr. Vibrams, on the right is the other girl – I let her have the hill and passed her on the way down. 

My official time was 1:03:08, with an average pace of 12:43 – which is about on par with most of what I’ve done over the year.  Overall, it was a fun race.  I’ll definitely do it again.  A little disappointing that there aren’t any animals out and that it’s in November and cold, but all the money raised goes to the Maryland Zoo so that makes me happy!

Had it been warmer, I would have had Brian and Charlotte come down for the 1 mile Fun Walk and stay to actually go to the zoo.  Maybe next year!

I’m really glad I did this race, I haven’t been feeling great about my running lately so this really let me know that I’ve still got it and haven’t lost too much fitness.  Plus, I can run in the cold!

What’s the coldest temps you’ve ever run in?  Any other races planned for 2014 or are you done for the year?



  1. I was just wondering why this race is in chilly November when it runs through the zoo. Wouldn’t it be nice in the summer before the zoo opens, but maybe the animals would be outside and give you something to distract yourself? Wishful thinking I guess 🙂
    Cute pants too!

  2. Awesome! What a fun race. Although I’m 30, I love zoos! Were there any animals out? I’ve run a race with a short section through a zoo, but not very many animals were out. Probably depends a lot on the time of day and the weather.

  3. When I uploaded my Garmin data after this race I actually lol’ed at the elevation map. The first part looks like such a piece of cake and then it all goes straight to hell. Such a fun day out there though! Congrats on a great race and a beyond fantastic year of running!!!!

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