Checking In & December Goals

So Thanksgiving has come and gone (and so have my Halloween decorations, finally!)  We do Hanukkah up in here, so the sparse Hanukkah decorations are up.  Hanukkah shopping has been completed and there is nothing left to do this holiday season other than to watch Christmas movies & specials, attend holiday parties, and listen to Christmas music (I grew up Catholic, I may be Jewish now, but I can’t quit Christmas music).

Here is a doozy of a horrible Christmas song I caught yesterday.  Look it up, I dare you.


I did partake in some Black Friday shopping and scored a sweet deal on these Saucony Triumphs.IMG_1294.JPG

I did one run in them on Saturday, and they felt good.  My knees did bug me a little on Saturday & Sunday though. Nothing major, but I did attribute that to a significant uptick in mileage the past week.  So of course, I haven’t run since Saturday, because, sleep has been more important this week.  I did do some hip exercises and went to yoga, so the week hasn’t been a total wash.

All that being said, I’m still struggling with a routine.  Do I post about anything else ever?  I don’t have anything to train for and I do want to work on my speed.  So I’m planning to do one speed workout a week at the gym, a long run on the weekends, and try to fit in my beloved cross training classes too.  So here are some goals I have for December workouts.

1. Do weekend long runs – outside!  And by long, I mean 4-5 miles. (4x in December)

2. Cross Training – Spin on Tuesday AM, Yoga on Wednesday AM, Body Pump on Thursday AM  (10 cross training classes)

3. Do a speed workout on the treadmill on Monday or Friday mornings (4x in December)

4. Do hip exercises before Spin & on rest days (8x in December)

5. Find time to do an easy run once a week.  (3x in December

So on 12/31 – I’ll post a follow up to this.  I’m hoping to achieve all these goals, but I’m not Superwoman!

Finally, while I’m not going to post this to get obligatory “Happy Birthday” messages, I did want to say that my birthday was yesterday.  And the only reason I mention it is because my super awesome husband gave me the best present ever!


He typically doesn’t read minds, and since I had just bought some new shoes and purchased more race entries for 2015, I wasn’t expecting anything other than the pizza and cupcakes I wanted for dinner.  Love you Brian!

What’s the best running gift you’ve ever received?  What are your off-season running goals?



  1. Happy Birthday! And kudos to your husband on the gift! I’ve got a gift card for running shoes burning a hole in my pocket from my birthday in July! I’ll probably put it to use after the winter.

  2. Nice job, Brian!!!! That is exactly the kind of present I love getting!
    Do you think you are going to do Resolution Run this year? If not, you should! It’s in the middle of the day which is a little weird.
    I am taking it light the next couple weeks because Jersey training starts on the 22nd. So I’ll have a lot of wine and chocolate before then.

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