Happy Monday! Workout Check In

I can’t believe Christmas is in 3 days!  Tonight is the 6th  night of Hanukkah and Charlotte has really made out like a bandit this year.


Here she is displaying her princesses.

What I’ve really been excited to give her this year is games.  She’s finally at an age where she can take turns and follow directions.  So we’ve had a fun time playing board games with her – Frozen Matching, Candy Land, and Sneaky Snacky Squirrel  (she’s getting the Cootie game tonight).  They are good to whip out when she’s getting all toddlery and hyper.  “Hey!  Let’s play a game!”  It’s a distraction that forces her to sit still for a bit.

Over the weekend we had my husbands family over for latkes and fried chicken.  Hanukkah is all about the oil.  So we eat all of the fried things.  Here’s a picture of the “spread”.  I did put some greens on the table.

Fry latke, Fry!

Anywho, on to this past week’s workouts.  Another great week if I do say so myself.

12/15 – PT exercises

12/16 – Spin class – finally got myself a pair of biking shoes.  I went into REI and was able to find a pair on clearance for $25.  They really changed the ride.


12/17 – 18 Minutes of Sprints & Yoga – this was in interesting class.  Since the class is canceled the next two weeks for the holidays, she had us doing some more challenging stuff – like balances and handstands.  I just couldn’t get into crow or side crow.  I feel I’m almost there with crow though.  Crow in 2015!  With the teacher’s assistance I did get up into a forearm stand.  I love doing new things.

12/18 – I talked myself out of getting up for Body Pump since the class will be canceled the next two Thursdays for Christmas & New Years, so I instead stayed in and did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown level 2.

12/19 – Rest day

12/20 – 4 Miles – This was by far my most “badass” run to date.  I had new gloves and a new hat to wear, and fleece lined pants, but 27 degrees was still very cold.  I had myself dressed and a couple times almost threw in the towel.  But I had procrastinated enough that I didn’t have time to do it at the gym, so it was now or never.  I went to the front door, opened the door and closed it again.  Then I pushed myself out.  Told myself I would just do a mile, then come back and do a video or PT.  After the mile was over, I said I would just go to the end of the street.  Then I said, why don’t you just go finish the loop.  Then I ran up that hill again and then finished out four miles (taking the downhill back home).  I couldn’t feel my butt after the 1st mile.  It was so cold.  I don’t think I could do it much colder than that – my wardrobe just isn’t there.  There nothing like almost talking yourself out of something several times and then finishing it (with a great pace at that).

12/21 – did some stretching, but not enough

12/22 – Body Pump!  I made it today!  I think Monday will be my day.  Once I start spring training again, it seems as though Monday Body Pump will fit better with my schedule.  Just wish I didn’t have to miss out on my favorite instructor.

I’ve got a busy couple days coming up – but I’m off work from Wednesday through Monday.  I’m totally going to enjoy it.  Charlotte’s going to school on Friday so Brian and I are having a day date at the movies to see Night at the Museum!

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday with their families.  Full of fun, food, and good cheer!


What’s  in your holiday plans?  What’s the coldest temp you’ve ever run in?  









  1. What a cutie pie you have! And YUM on all of your foods. Nice job on your workouts – love your new shoes!! You’ll get that crow pose, no problem.

    I’m in the northeast, and last year we had some super cold temps with the “polar vortex”. I’m a teacher and we had off of school one day because the wind chill was something like -20, and temps were below zero. I went out running! You warm up…eventually. Or, the thought of a nice warm Starbucks at the end of your run is motivation enough 🙂

  2. I’m the exact same when it comes to running outside in the cold! Glad I’m not the only one 🙂 I’m pretty sure it takes me longer to bundle up and convince myself to step outside than it does to actually complete the run! It does get easier the more I do it, but I will probably “migrate” to the treadmill when the snow and ice make an appearance.

  3. Great job forcing yourself out the door for that chilly run! It’s true what they say, don’t base your entire run off the first mile.
    I remember running in the mid/high teens last winter & the winter before. Oh those were rough. But I have to agree, runs feel a little more badass when you’re out there in frigid temps (& even better when you’re done).
    Happy Hanukkah! I’m heading to my parents house in VA to celebrate Christmas (hopefully with some new cold weather running gear!)

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