Quick & Dirty Workout Review

Good morning!  It’s back to the daily grind here now that Christmas is over.  I’ve been keeping up with my workouts though – need to counteract all those holiday cookies!

12/23 – Spin Class

12/24 – 3 Miles on the dreadmill

12/27 – 5 Miles – and I conquered the whole hill this time!  The previous picture I had posted was from a mid point, this time I ran down to the bottom from the mid-point and ran up the whole thing.  If running in 27 degree weather made me feel badass, running up this hill made me feel like a beast.  IMG_1409.JPG

You can’t even see the top of the hill.  According to Map My Run it’s about .47 miles.

12/28 – PT Exercises & Stretching

12/29 – Body Pump

Hope your holidays were wonderful!

Did you get in any good workouts over the holidays?  Are there any holiday treats that you just can’t pass up?





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