Workout Review 1/19 – 1/26

Another week has flown by.  I start my official half marathon training plan next Sunday!  How is that? I was traveling for work this past week and that always makes the week fly…the days are usually longer and there is usually a day or two spent traveling.

When traveling, I don’t get my classes in, so I have to make sure I get my workouts in somehow. This week I was in Atlanta and stayed at a Springhill Suites. Not a bad place, the room was large, with a small kitchenette, a separate sitting area, free breakfast, and a small fitness room. And by small I mean:


Yes – that’s three machines.  There were some free weights behind me.  The dandilion on the wall was a nice touch though.

Why is it that I can’t get a bigger fitness room? Most of them are like small closets and when you are running, you are literally staring at a wall about 1 foot in front of you.


On to the workouts.

1/19 – Body Pump

1/20 – 3.1 Miles on elliptical

1/21 – PT & Core Work in the hotel

1/22 – 3 Miles on treadmill – The TV on the machine didn’t work so I was literally staring at a black screen. Luckily I could see my reflection and the TV was angled just right to watch my boobs bounce around for the entire run. Nice!

1/23 – Rest

1/24 – PT & Core Work at home

1/25 – 5 Miles Treadmill – I should have done this outside. I’m deathly afraid of slipping and falling so I wussed out and went to the gym. It’s a shame that I wasted a perfectly fine day.

Total Miles: 8 (I don’t count elliptical miles)

It was a weird week since I was traveling and I started to come down with a cold towards the end of the week. Sunday’s run was a struggle. I’m attributing it to tiredness. When I travel, I usually stay up later and don’t sleep well, so I think my body was just tired.

How was your weekend? Do you count elliptical miles?




  1. That dandelion really freaked me out when I first saw that picture. What an odd decor choice.

    That is probably the smallest hotel fitness closet I’ve ever seen. I don’t count elliptical miles either. I don’t even know how many I did this morning as I looked longingly at the body pump class I was skipping! Hooray for almost-half-training!!!

  2. OMG closet gyms! They are terrible! I’m not claustrophobic, but working out in a room like that makes me feel very self conscious. Ugh.
    I might be the weirdo here…but I am super motivated when I watch myself run in a mirror. I try to imagine that I’m in a race, and I want to look strong to the spectators. It motivates me to kick it up a notch. Strange, but whatever works, right?
    I don’t count elliptical miles either. Or stair-mills. & especially not bikes. Nothing works you out quite like a mile on your own two feet.

  3. Good job working out in a closet gym! I have a heard time exercising in new places, especially when they aren’t appealing. I kind of like the massive dandelion on the wall, although it’s a little strange that it’s so huge.

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