Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 1

Happy Monday!!

Week 1 is in the books and I’m happy with how it went.  So far so good!  It’s not much different from what I had been doing, so relatively easy.  Earlier this week, I was reviewing the course map and elevation chart for the Frederick Half and noticed it was fairly flat.  Here is the elevation chart, the total elevation gain is 293 feet.

Frederick Elevation

Frederick Half Elevation Chart


While it’s not completely flat, it’s not this:

Baltimore Elevation

Baltimore Half Marathon Elevation Chart

The second chart is the Baltimore Half, with an elevation gain of 635 feet.  I’ve already done Baltimore, so I’m feeling pretty confident about how Frederick is going to go.  Since I have so many hills in my neighborhood and in some of the areas I like to run, Frederick will be a piece of cake!  (famous last words)

Here is how Week 1 went:

Monday – Body Pump Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – Level 2 & 1 – Due to Brian’s schedule, I wasn’t able to go to Body Pump, so I stayed home and did a video instead.  I pulled out an oldie but a goodie, the 30 Day Shred and did Level 2, followed by Level 1.  I was only in it for the strength, so when I  moved on to Level 1, I fast forwarded through the cardio circuits.

Tuesday – Speed Day – My plan was for a 10 minute warm-up, followed by 5x800s (1/2 miles) with 400m (1/4 miles) cooldown jogs inbetween.  Since it was polar vortexing outside, I was on the treadmill.  My warm up was at about 12:30 (4.8 mph).  I started my first interval at about 11:19, but I thought I could do more, so I bumped the speed up to 11:06.  It felt tougher, but doable.  So I continued on through my intervals at that speed up until the 5th one.  I decided to do the last one a smidge faster and went up to 10:54 for the last interval.  It was hard, but I was able to keep it.  The 10 in front scares me, but part of me thinks I could probably do a few more at that speed.  I’m going to try and do that pace next week.

Wednesday – Yoga – We did a lot of hip openers and balance poses in this class.  I attempted crow again, only to fall back down.  I did however almost get into a half lotus toe balance – just couldn’t take my hands off the floor.

Thursday – Tempo Run – I kept with my formula from last week with a 5 minute warm up, 25 minutes at tempo, 5 minute cooldown.

Friday – REST!

Saturday –  REST – I was scheduled to do my long run but the weather was going to be warmer Sunday, so I put the run off until Sunday. I didn’t rest though, I did PT exercises, core work, and a little yoga. I actually got into crow and held it for a few seconds. I was so excited, I had Brian grab my phone, so he could get a picture, but I couldn’t get in it again.

Sunday – Long Run – 5 Miles – I finally got outside again! I think my last outdoor run was a month ago. I was at my Mom’s this weekend and ran through her neighborhood that had ALL the hills. This run was a bit of a struggle because the beautiful Miss C. kept me up until 11 and then had the nerve to wake me up at 7. So I was struggling from an energy standpoint and then the hills. They weren’t all that bad, but some were pretty steep. I had to run a few twice to get my mileage. It’s a good place to run if you need the hills.


I’m smiling because I just ran down that hill. I’ll spare you the picture of me running up the next hill.


I ended the day with a much needed pedicure and a glorious leg and foot massage.  My legs are still killing me today though.  I need to get some compression sleeves or socks that fit.

Total Mileage Week 1 – 11.48

Oh and if you haven’t noticed – I now have a Facebook page for Sweaty Mess Mama!  Please take a minute to like me on Facebook and interact with me over there too.

How was your week?  How do you typically feel after your first run outside (after being cooped up on the treadmill?)  Where can I buy compression socks for monster calves?







  1. Nice job on your first week! I think repeats can be scarier on the treadmill because you know your pace per mile the second you start the repeat, and it’s on your mind the whole time. You’re thinking “can I keep this up?”. But yet, I find myself running faster on the track when I can just ignore my watch.
    Great job getting into crow! I still geek out when I get into it since it’a really the only semi-difficult pose I can get into 🙂
    PS – you’re totally going to kill it at Fredrick with Baltimore under your belt. I think Baltimore runners are pretty much beasts – all the races there are so hilly!

    • When I saw the elevation chart and looked at Baltimore, I did a fist pump. Even though I didn’t do as well as I would have liked at Baltimore, I do feel like I could do (almost) anything after doing that. I don’t want to get over confident, but I feel like I’ll be really prepared for Frederick by training out here.

      Crow is one of my 2015 unofficial goals.

  2. I ran Frederick a while back and I definitely remember it being flat! Your week sounds great! Isn’t it so fun trying out crow? And no better way to end the week then with a massage and pedicure!
    I know that you said that the pro compression calf sleeves were too small, but I feel like the sleeves fit a little tighter than the socks. Maybe the socks would fit better?

  3. I usually do my first outdoor run with walk breaks, not so much because I have a hard time adjusting as that the road is more “jarring” than the treadmill. I definitely have more trouble adjusting to the treadmill than the other way around. I think that using the incline on the treadmill helps make that part of the transition easier.

    • OH there were walk breaks – I think it was just the hills. I haven’t done any hills since being cooped up – and there were a lot. I remember last year, after my first run outside ever, my legs were killing me, but it was fine after the next one. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

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