Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Another week down and another week closer to my next half.  There was some exciting news on the race front this week too.  The Frederick Half is part of the King Crab Challenge that I signed up for last fall.  It includes the Frederick Half in May, the Baltimore 10-Miler in June, and the Baltimore Half in October.  It was a great discount to sign up for all three last fall and for completing the 3 races, I get an extra premium – last year it was a backpack.  They just announced this years prize:

King Crab Medal Rack

This picture isn’t the greatest, but it’s a medal rack for all 4 medals I’ll earn from completing the King Crab!  The hooks are crab claws!  My mind wants it to be October already so I can hang this up NOW.  The other awesome thing about this?  Typically, you don’t get a medal for completing the Bmore 10-Miler – but this year, if you signed up for the King Crab Challenge – you do!  So that’s a medal for Frederick, the 10-Miler, Baltimore, and the Maryland Double medal for doing both Frederick & Baltimore halves.  I hate to admit it, but I love bling – and this is just all kinds of blingy.

Okay okay, back to Frederick.  I grew up in Frederick, so doing the half marathon there was a no-brainer.  It’s a smallish town, and back when I lived there, even smaller – they didn’t even have a Target until I was away at college. Can you imagine???  I was so deprived!  I didn’t have a bad time growing up there but I couldn’t wait to get out when I started college.

Each week, I’d like to share a little factoid or tidbit about Frederick, so you can learn a little bit about the city I call my hometown.


Frederick Factoid #1

Francis Scott Key, who wrote the Star Spangled Banner, is buried in Frederick in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Frederick’s main shopping mall is named after him, as is the minor league baseball team, the Frederick Keys.  Nothing says “American Hero” like having a mall named after you and a baseball mascot called the Keyote (like coyote).



Now, on to my workouts:

Monday – Body Pump – legs were still sore from Sunday, but class went okay.

Tuesday – Speed Work – There was freezing rain overnight so when I went outside and saw the sidewalks I was a little cautious, then when I saw the thick layer of ice on my windshield I said forget it.  My legs were STILL sore from Sunday’s run and I decided I would go after work.  When I got on the treadmill that afternoon, my legs felt like lead.  Speed work wasn’t going to happen.  So I decided to stay on for an easy 30 minutes, which then became finish out the 2.5.  So I did.  It was hard, but I’m glad I got in something.

Wednesday – Yoga – I held crow again!  Still only for a few seconds, I spoke to the teacher after class and got a few pointers.  So I’m hoping I’ll nail it soon.

Thursday – Tempo Run – This was a tough one to get started, but felt okay once I did.  I started with the 5 minute easy warm up like last week, did 30 minutes at tempo pace, then a 5 minute cooldown.

Friday – REST!

Saturday – 6 Miles – Treadmill – The first three miles were good. I stopped for a potty break and it was hard to get restarted. I finished the end of it strong though.  I started the Serial podcast and that helped pass the time.

Total Miles – 11.86

So I’m looking forward to Week 3.  I have some work things going on this week along with crazy weather, I’m hoping to be able to get all my runs in.  Next weekend, I’m scheduled for 8.  I’m hoping and praying for decent weather so I can do it outside.  Six on the treadmill was a mental struggle – I don’t want to have to experience 8.

I know others have done more, but how do you get through the longer runs on the treadmill?  When you are at the gym, do you take in fuel while running your long runs?  If you aren’t currently living in your hometown, have you ever gone back to run it?



  1. Last year I had to 11 miles on the ‘mil because of the weather (ugh). I ended up doing 5.5 on one treadmill and then moving to a different one to do the other 5.5. It helped mentally just to break it up a little.

  2. I listen to music and just zone out. Or I watch one of the TVs. I don’t know…either way it stinks, but I guess I prefer it to this awful weather! You had a great week and awesome job on that tempo workout.

    The more I think about it, the more I really want to do King Crab. That medal holder is calling my name. Plus all the bling!

    • I’ll just close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere else. Do you take Gu while you’re on the treadmill at the gym? I’m going to need to this week, but don’t want to look like a crazy person. I’ll probably take a quick break and take it back in the locker room.

      If you can swing it, you should totally sign up for King Crab. They also have some kind of King Crab party about a month or so after the Baltimore Half to celebrate completing the challenge.

  3. I would love to do King Crab but I really wanted to do the Maryland half which is the week after Frederick. I don’t really think I can do both. Frederick is much flatter but my parents live really close to the start of the Maryland half so not sure what I’ll do. I also need to see how I feel after the DC half in a few weeks!

  4. One thing I used to do on super long treadmill runs was to re-fill my water bottle, just a little walk to the fountain helped. And, yes, I’ve fueled on the ‘mill many times, and haven’t gotten any funny looks! 🙂 Also, law and order marthons are helpful if you can find one. Or do something funny, like run 1 mile each on 8 different treadmills.

  5. I had no idea Frederick had a minor league team! Love that your going to do weekly facts about your hometown 🙂
    So many times I find it hard to get started on a quality (vs easy or recovery) run. I’ve really learned over the past year to give it a few miles before I find my groove.
    I started Serial a couple of weeks ago too! I’m not obsessed like other people I knew that listened to it, but it’s enough to hold my attention and keep me focused on something else besides the boredom of running in place.
    I ran a half marathon in my hometown (Purcellville, VA) in 2013. It was an awful race – hot & humid and I bonked 7 miles in. But a good learning experience 🙂

    • I figured a fact or two might make the posts a little more interesting. 🙂 I couldn’t believe how crazy people were about Serial. My husband liked it because he worked at the Best Buy in question and he used to get his glasses from the Lens Crafters where the girl worked. I actually work around the corner from Woodlawn High School, so I’ve been to the 7-11 they talked about. I’m hoping Serial can get me through the treadmill runs until it starts warming up outside.

      That sucks you bonked in your hometown! You need to go back and reclaim it!

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