Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 3

I think I can speak for nearly everyone in the country when I say this week was so freakin’ cold.

imageSorry to be so crude, but there is no other way to describe the temperatures this past week.  I’m not even sure where this description for tempature ever came from, because it doesn’t make sense in the winter.  Don’t they shrink up in the cold?

Saturday we got snow all day and I got some extra cross training in through a bit of shoveling and playing.


Well lets move on to something else fun, like a Frederick Factoid!

Frederick Factoid #2

If you are a fan of Top Chef, you may remember Bryan Voltaggio from Top Chef Season 6.  Bryan Voltaggio is from Frederick, MD and still lives there.  He was the first Chef to be on both Top Chef and Top Chef Masters (season 5).  He opened his first restaurant, Volt, in Frederick in 2008.  Since then he’s opened a few more restaurants in the Frederick, DC, and Baltimore area.  So if you are a Top Chef fan and in MD, you aren’t too far away from a fantastic meal!

This week was a week in being flexible with my training schedule.  I had a busy week with some work projects combined with some weather that took me off schedule, but I was still able to squeeze in my workouts.

Sunday – PT, core work, & some yoga.  If you follow me on Instagram or have liked my Facebook page, maybe you caught this gem:

imageYes – that is me in crow!  I’m able to actually hold it now, not just bounce into it.  I can’t hold it long, I mean I was able to hold it long enough to get this pic, and that’s about it.  But I’m holding it!

Monday – Body Pump Sleep – I didn’t set my alarm and I overslept.  Worse things have happened.

Tuesday – Intervals Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown – Snow that we got overnight kept me from getting to the gym that morning, so I threw in a video.  Since I knew I’d miss yoga on Wednesday I went with the Meltdown.

Wednesday – Yoga Intervals – I was down in VA for work, so I did my 800s this morning on the hotel treadmill.  For some reason, these were extra hard this morning.  Maybe I didn’t warm up enough, I don’t know, but they just felt difficult.  I was happy to get them over with and happy I finished out the workout.

Thursday – Tempo Easy Run – I didn’t have time to get in my scheduled tempo and since I had just done my intervals the day before, I gave myself a pass and just did 2.5 easy miles.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long Run 8 Miles – This was on the treadmill and I was lucky enough to get it done early in the morning so the snow didn’t get in my way.  This was TOUGH!  This was my longest treadmill run ever and I was dreading it.  My plan was to take a break at 4 miles to use the bathroom, take in a Gu, and just get off it for a few minutes.  The first 4 were fine, the second 4 not so much.  I took a few walk breaks, but my mind was totally fighting it.  I ended up running the second half about 20 second faster than the first, but I didn’t like it one bit.  Where are you spring?

Total Miles – 14.5

Thankfully this is a step back week for my long run, so if I’m stuck on the ‘mill next weekend I’ve only got to do 6.  I’ve also got another busy week – I’m traveling to Cleveland so I’ve got to make some adjustments.  I’ve already signed up to drop in for a yoga class at a local studio, so at least I’ve got something interesting to look forward to.

How was your weekend? How were your workouts?  Did you get any snow?






  1. I just laughed out loud at that top pic.
    You did some really great workout juggling last week to get it all in! As for that long run…I’m right there with you. Like literally. Honestly it probably would have been more miserable had you not been there. It was going for a run with a friend. Except neither of us were actually going anywhere. 🙂

  2. Lol- my friend texted me that same temperature description & I thought the same thing. Wouldn’t hot as balls be more appropriate in the summer?
    Great job getting your intervals & long run in on the treadmill! Long treadmill runs suck, but they definitely make you mentally stronger 🙂

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