Cupid’s Crush 10K Race Recap

So as you may or  may not know, I ran the Cupid’s 10K Crush this past Sunday.  It was a race put on by the Baltimore Road Runners Club and my first run with BRRC since I joined in January.


This race was originally scheduled for February 15th (hence the Cupid theme) but due to insane cold and wind they rescheduled it.  I was watching the forecast back then and decided not to do it before they canceled since the weather was going to be brutal.  So I was glad they rescheduled it and that the weather cooperated.  It was cold, but tolerable.

This race cost a little more than their usual races, but included a New Balance tech shirt.  In addition to age group awards, they also gave out awards to the skimpiest, sexiest, and wackiest costumes and some random prizes (hence my awesome red tumbler).


The race was held in Druid Hill Park in Baltimore.  The same park that Zoo Zoom was run through, so if you remember anything I wrote about that race, it would be the hills.  I arrived on Sunday morning at about 6:45, the race started at 8:00.  I found a decent parking space and waited in my car for a while to stay warm.  At about 7:15 I went up to get my bib and shirt.  I ran a warm up mile and after all was said and done, it was about 7:45.  I jumped around a bit to keep warm.  Soon though, it was time to line up and off we went.

I stayed towards the back, I hadn’t run outside in a month, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  The race started at a pavilion by the lake and went about a mile and half of rolling hills to the front of the zoo where there was a turnaround. I was a bit confused to be turning around already, but went with it.  As we neared the start, we were directed down another road which led to a lovely hill, i.e. awful hill.   At the top of this hill was another turnaround and then we proceeded back in front of the zoo again.  There were a couple of runners I came across during these middle miles that I made an effort to pass.  I had been following them for quite some time, so I did a private victory dance in my head when I was able to move past them.

After the second pass in front of the zoo, I had less then 2 miles left and really only a few uphills left.  I went ahead and took advantage of the downhills and kept moving.  I knew I was making good time.  As I rounded the final corner and made my way towards the finish shoot, I saw the clock and knew I PRd.  I was on cloud 9.  My official finish time was 1:14:09.  I beat my prior 10K time by over 5 minutes!



After the race, they had water, bagels, coffee, bananas, fruit snacks, candy hearts, and hot soup!  It was a fun group of people and there were some that were anxious to win the skimpiest outfit.

Nude Woman

She was wearing a nude body suit with a thong and pasties on.


Before they gave out age group awards they did some random awards (just picking a number at random) and that’s how I won a red tumbler!  I was pretty excited about that.

Overall I thought it was well run, it was fun, and I’m excited to do more races this year with BRRC.  I would probably do this race again if the weather was the same or better.  I can’t do any colder than that.

Are you a member of a run club?  Do you enjoy their races?




  1. HUGE PR!!! Congratulations again! You are going to kill your next half. 🙂 I’m so glad you explained that girl’s outfit because OMG I thought she was completely naked. I love the BRRC and all their events. I’m so glad you joined!

  2. Congrats on your PR! Not only is 5 minute HUGE in a 10k but on the dreaded Druid hills? Even better 🙂
    I was surprised that skimpiest costume was even a category- but wow, that girl went all out. I hope she got a prize, I can’t imagine anything more revealing that that.

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