Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Did you see that?  Week 6?  I’m halfway done my training.  I can’t believe I’m halfway there…or another way of looking at it is only 4 long runs left until taper. EEEEK!

So I have a confession – I got a DNS for Rock n Roll DC.  It was a rainy mess, it was only a 5K, and I didn’t pay for the entry.  It wasn’t worth the hour and a half commute to run 3.1 miles in the rain.  I was really excited to experience a Rock n Roll race, but this just wasn’t the year to do it I guess.  Registration for the 2016 half is only $50 right now, but after this winter, I’m not sure I’d want to sign up for a race any earlier than April or May.


Sunday I did run the Kelly’s Shamrock 5K in Baltimore and it was a blast!  Such a fun race, I’ll definitely do that one again. I got another PR too!  I’ll do a proper recap later this week.  I guess that’s to be expected now that I’ve got a full year of running under my belt.  It’s exciting to see how far I’ve come though.  Anyways…

Frederick Factoid #4

This isn’t so much of a Factoid as it is an ad for a fun event in Frederick.  Every year, on a September Saturday, Frederick’s main street, Market Street, is shut down to traffic for the In the Streets Festival.  As kid the idea of this was fun because hey, I was walking in the middle of the street!  Each block is themed, there are local artisans, local restaurants, and live bands all out in the street.  You can go into all the local shops and boutiques and enjoy a nice day out.  What kind of sell would this be if I didn’t mention the Market Street Mile Road Race that is held in the morning?  They have a men’s heat, a women’s heat, a youth heat, and a Family Fun Walk.  Depending on my training schedule this fall, I’m gonna try and do this with Charlotte – all kids get a finisher’s medal.  All in all, this is a great event for everyone and if you ever want to explore Frederick and have a good time…check out the In the Streets Festival.

Now, on to last week’s workouts.  All in all, it was a good week.  The 10K really did a number on my legs and it took a while for them to feel normal again.  Not running outside for over a month will do that to you I guess.

Sunday – 7.2 Miles – Cupids 10K Crush, plus 1 warm up mile

Monday – Body Pump – I made it back!  It had been so long I couldn’t remember what weights I had been using.

Tuesday – Speed Work – Daylight savings caught up to me and I couldn’t wake up.  One missed run isn’t going to kill my schedule.

Wednesday – Yoga – I did a 40 minute video I found online.  It was called Yoga Flow for Runners by a yoga instructor named Cara Gilman.  It was challenging and good.  I’ll probably go back to it whenever I’m out of town and stuck in my hotel room.

Thursday – Tempo Run – I planned to do this as a 4 mile progressive run, and it was awful.  The gym in the hotel was so humid and my legs just didn’t want to run.  Even though I was progressing in speed, I kept stopping and starting.  It was probably the worst run ever.  The only redeeming part of the run is that I did force myself to finish out the last mile with no stopping.  So I had a strong finish…I guess that can kinda make up for the first three miles of ridiculousness.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 8 Miles – Since I skipped out on the DC 5K, I was able to go back to my scheduled run of 8 miles.  I was on the treadmill of course due to the rain, but it was a great 8 miles.  It went much better than the prior 8 mile treadmill run.  The second half wasn’t as smooth as the first, but I had no trouble getting started back up and had another strong finish.

Total Miles – 12 – (I counted Sunday’s 10K in last weeks miles)

Even though I had a race scheduled for Sunday, I felt I deserved to enjoy a couple of these as I caught up on Downton Abbey.


Supertramp from Flying Dog Brewery. Very good!

I don’t have any planned travel for at least 3 weeks!!!  The past two months have just felt crazy.  Time to get some actual work done (and time to get caught up on my blogs!)

How is your training going?  What is the worst run you’ve ever had?




  1. I don’t blame you for skipping the RnR 5k, it was a mess on Sunday. I would have been tempted to do the same if I hadn’t paid so much for the half. And thanks for sharing the name of that yoga video, I’ve been looking for some new ones.

  2. Ooo thank you for posting that video! I’ll be trying that this week!
    You know I don’t blame you one bit for that DNS. It was way too gross outside and look…you got a shiny new PR! That might not have happened if you went on that rainy run! Congratulations on a great race!

  3. Worst run? This past Saturday I did a Pi Run with my son’s CC team. It was awful…not only was it through the woods,up hills, and back down…it was pouring rain and a mud pit with all the melting snow and rain. It was the slowest 5k I’ve run EVER…I told my son that he was lucky I loved him! lol

  4. I totally don’t blame you for bailing on the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k. It was miserable out there. Good thing you had a great 8 miler instead 🙂
    Sucks your tempo was so rough! We all have off days though. I remember one particularly bad run last summer. It was 10 miles, 6 at tempo and I was trying to squeeze it in before work. I ended up walking more than I can ever remember during that run. It was just all around terrible – I was an exhausted mess, and was late to work of course. Gave me a whole new appreciation for good runs though!

  5. It really does seem like six weeks just flew by…crazy! I think you made a good call on the 5k. I’d have a tough time driving that far for a 5k even if the weather was nice. My willing to drive radius seems to be proportional to the length of the race 🙂

  6. Awesome job on the long run and 5k PR! It looks like you had a great week! That yoga video looks pretty good too. I’ve actually thought about looking for yoga videos to do sometimes while home (if I ever get myself motivated to try it! I often need the studio structure to keep me going with the yoga)

  7. My training has turned into just getting my leg better and focusing on not being injured 😉 I’ve gone from wanting to run a spring Full, to a Half to now thinking I should only train for a 10k in May. Lots of changes but I am hoping that will help my hamstring get 100%

    We have lots of races in the rain here – my first 10k was in a rain/wind storm – so bad they had to change the route as we could not run over the bridge! Fun times!

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