Frederick Half Marathon – Week 11

Happy Monday!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten my weekly recap up on a Monday.  I hope you all were able to enjoy some spring weather this weekend – it was GORGEOUS here in Baltimore.  Aside from running a HOT Sole of the City 10K on Saturday, I spent Sunday morning at Target watching the crazies stockpile Lilly Pulitzer and later took Charlotte to the zoo.


Really quick on the Lilly Pulitzer thing, because I’ve seen articles about how crazy it was across the country.  I had my eye on one dress for me and maybe something for Charlotte.  No big loss if I didn’t get it, so I strolled over to my local Target at about 7:45 and the line was wrapped around the store.  By the time I got in, the section was decimated.  I was a bit bitter there were women with carts full of clothes; trying them on behind another dress rack and there was a crowd gathered by the dressing room waiting for cast offs.  It was really crazy – I’ve really never seen such a thing.  After I passed the women’s section I headed to the toddler section and while it wasn’t wiped out, it had a crowd, so I just started grabbing.  I ended up getting Charlotte two super cute summer dresses.  I didn’t need any of it for me, but I was surprised that people would just snatch up an entire rack of clothes without any regard for those who weren’t first in line.  The worst? On eBay right now, there are over 20,000 items from the Lilly for Target line.  A shift dress that would have been $40 at Target is listed at $100.  All I can do is shake my head and hope that if someone out there wants a Lilly dress that bad, they’ll put their $100 towards a real one.

Now on to something of more substance.  I can’t believe I’m in week 11 of training – the race is in two weeks!  Last week was a fun week of runs and workouts.

Monday – PT Exercises

Tuesday – 3 Progressive Miles on the Treadmill

Wednesday – Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2 in AM, 2.75 miles with my MMRT Group.  Salt posted an awesome pic here.

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Rest Day (although it was anything but)

Saturday – Sole of the City 10K – didn’t PR, but hadn’t run in heat like that since last summer.  Will post a recap later this week.  (My Garmin actually read that I ran 6.37 miles)


Yes that pretzel is bigger than my face and I ate the whole thing. #notashamed


Total Miles – 12.12


So on tap for the week, some easy cross training, some easy runs, and my last “long” run of 5 miles on Saturday.  I can’t believe I’m about to do it again.  I’ve got to start working on my playlist!

And good luck to all of you running Boston today!  There are several bloggers I read out there running – I’m not sure how I’m going to follow along since I’ll be at work, but I’ll be thinking of you!

How was your weekend?  Did you brave Target for Lilly Pulitzer?  Is there anything you would wait in line for (besides a starting line)?





  1. Wow, that pretzel is impressive! And I can’t believe how crazy all the designer releases at Target get. I’ve never tried for any of them because I just can’t deal with shopping in crowds like that.

  2. I saw your pic that you had taken at Target. I was totally expecting the line to be long, but that is just insane. I had thought about trying to get a hold of something cute for B, but after I saw that I decided no way haha. It really upsets me when people load up on those clothes and then turn around and sell them.

    Hooray for Sole! Isn’t it a great race?? I went to CCR on Sunday to get my Maryland headband and everyone I talked to said they had a blast. That pretzel looks awesome.

    It was definitely a good weekend for the zoo! Betty wanted to sit on that lion and I had to tell her no because Saturday was way too hot. She would have burned her buns. 🙂

    • Whilst in line I heard some ladies talking about an LP warehouse sale in King of Prussia…I might just go up there and get myself a dress. Just to spite all the crazies. It’s sad that people turn around and sell it and if I were Target, I would find a way to not allow it. It’s not good press. I mean on black friday they hand out tickets for the TVs, why should this be any different?

      Sole was soooo fun! I’m definitely doing it again. It was dang hot though. Hadn’t run in the heat in quite a while. And that pretzel was amazing…and the summer shandy tasted like lemonade after that run.

      Those lions do get hot, so we always snap the pic first thing. Just say no to toasted buns!

  3. Oof Saturday really was a hot day for a race. Great job with pushing through! I’m glad you were able to get some dresses for Charlotte too. Crowds like that would make me turn around and forget about any type of errand I had in mind.

    • The crowd itself wasn’t huge, definitely smaller than black Friday, but just how they acted was unbelievable. Saturday was hot, I left my handheld water bottle in the car thinking “eh, it’s six miles, I’ll be fine with just the water stops.” I wasn’t dying, but it might have given me a little more pep to have some Nuun or water with me.

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