Weekly Workouts 6/23 – 6/28

Good Morning!  I haven’t seen you guys on a Monday morning in quite a while!  I’m blogging today from sunny and blazing hot Las Vegas!  And by hot, I mean freakin’ hot.  I’m allowed to complain about the heat when it’s over 100.  

I’m here for the SHRM Conference (Society for Human Resources for those of you wondering what a SHRM was).  I flew in on Saturday and it was probably my worst travel day ever.

I skipped my AM run on Saturday since it was raining and I was going to fly out that afternoon.  I wanted one last AM snuggle session with Charlotte.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 5:30 that afternoon.  I figured I’d just go to bed as soon as I got there and then I could get up early to get a run in.  Well, flight was delayed 2 hours.  We didn’t take off until about 7:30.  And by the time I got a cab and got to my hotel, my body was feeling like it was 1:30 AM.  I’m usually in bed by 10…so this was the worst.

Then when I get to my hotel and start unpacking, they apparently left my suitcase out in the rain and some of my clothes were drenched.  No bueno!  Thankfully I overpack, so I’ll be okay, but c’mon!

So a long run just didn’t happen this weekend, I’ll live.

Here is how the rest of the week went though:

6/23 – Run 3.24 – I did a new route this morning to add some length.  If I can get up earlier, I’d like to make this easyish run a 4 miler.

6/24 – Plank Challenge D27

6/25 – Hill Repeats 2.58. I replicated last week’s workout and did one more repeat.

6/26 – Final Plank – 2:33, Yoga With Adrienne – Energizing Morning Yoga

Plank Challenge is done!  I skipped the last workout and went straight to the final test since I’m headed out of town.  I’m happy I did it. I can definitely notice a difference in how I “hold my gut” in.  When I catch it “relaxed” it’s not as much effort to pull it back in (if that makes sense).  While I don’t think I’ll necessarily plank every day, the challenge introduced me to several plank variations which when combined make a great core workout which I will add to my weekly routine.

6/27 – Rest and travel.  Since it was raining and I was leaving later in the day, I decided to rest and get one last AM snuggle with my girl before going out of town.  Since it was raining I would have probably run on the treadmill anyway, so why not put off the run til Sunday at my hotel?

6/28 – Rest – I didn’t officially workout, but I did walk about 4 miles over the course of the day.  

Total Miles – 5.82

This week I’m just going to try and survive this conference.  The days start early and will be long.  I’m not going to beat myself up though if I can’t figure it out between my body clock and the real clock.  I’ll just have to do my best to eat well this week and do what I can.

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Superb job on that final plank! You are amazing!! My advice would be to keep up with the planks though. I got lazy for a few weeks and lost a little of my time so I’ve got to work my way back up now. And you travel a LOT for work! How do you keep up with everything?! I admire your dedication so much. Travel is tiring and always wears me out…

  2. I live in Vegas! The best time to workout is 6 am. It’s still cool from the night, but none of the sketchy people are out. Also, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. Try to drink your weight in ounces of water.

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