Who is the Sweaty Mess Mama?

I’m a thirty-something working mama of a sassy 3 year old who discovered her love of running in 2014.  What started out as just trying to complete a 5K turned into finishing my first half marathon last October.  I’ve since run several other races and a second half marathon.  I’m tackling the Baltimore Half again this fall.

I’m a Color Run Ambassador, a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, and most recently, a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

I love running, being a mom, the Baltimore Ravens, pizza, cupcakes, beer, and wine.  I started this blog to document the ups and downs of training, running, and fitness in general.  What I didn’t expect to find what the supportive running / blogging community that came with it.  So thankful to have started this journey!  Won’t you come run with me?




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