Weekly Workout Review – 6/2-6/8

Another week goes by and I had another week of workouts.  I already told you about my weekend race, I’ve got lots to think about while gearing up for half training next month.  My plans for this month are to just keep up with cross training, keep up my base miles, run for fun, and maybe do a few runs without the Garmin, or put it in my pocket or something where I can’t look at it every 5 seconds.

Tuesday – Day 7 of the Plank Challenge!  Today I had to hold a standard plank for as long as I could and I made it 1:49.  Baseline was 1:33.  Next Tuesday will be the next Plank Test.  I also did 4 circuits from Jillian Michael’s DVD “No More Trouble Zones”  It’s a strength training DVD that is about 55 minutes total.  I didn’t have time to do the whole workout, but this DVD allows you to select each of the circuits individually.  Which I like so I can customize a shorter workout when I need to.  I chose Shoulders & Legs, Chest & Core, Biceps & Butt, Triceps & Thighs.  Additional circuits were: Core, Upper Body & Core, & Lower Body & Core.

Wednesday – Happy National Running Day!  I got up in the AM and did PT exercises and Plank Challenge D8

Thursday – 3 Miles – I wanted to take an easy run, but also wanted to run a little faster than usual, so the plan was to try for negative splits.  My legs did not want to run they were very heavy.  I went after work, because I was too tired in the morning, and I think I was still tired.  I ended up running 12:15, 12:15, and 12:05.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I felt good after not having run since Sunday.

Friday – a little yoga, a little stretching, plank challenge D9

Saturday – Baltimore 10 Miler!  Recap is posted here.

Sunday – Still sore from Saturday’s race, so I met up with my MRTT mamas to just walk.  I brought Charlotte along who wanted to run.  She was a little sad as everyone pulled ahead of us.  She turned around and told me ” They’re going to reach the finish line before us!”   She ended up tiring herself out, so I had to carry her back to the car to get our non-jogging stroller and then we headed back out.  I showed her how to eat honeysuckles and we listened music on the iPod as we walked along the trail.  I enjoyed her version of Shake It Off.  We ended up going a little over 2 miles.   It was a good morning…she enjoyed eating munchkins and spilling my coffee afterwards.

Sara Myer Lichter's photo.

Monday – Plank Challenge D12 – this was the first combo day of both regular planks & side planks.  I also did some stretching and foam rolling, my calves were still tight.

Total Miles – 13

Plank Time – 1:49

Overall it was a meh week.  I was taking it easy in preparation for the race on Saturday and with Brian out of town I was limited on what I could do on Tuesday & Wednesday.  I also missed a couple of the plank challenge days.  I missed a day, so I planked on a plan rest day, then completely skipped the plank on race day.  Monday should have been a rest day (Day 13 not Day 12), but I wanted to get the work in before my plank test this morning.  This week I’m committing to sticking to the plank schedule, getting in a few easy runs, and doing some PT & strength training.

What are your goals for the week?  What do you focus on in between training cycles?


Weekly Workout Review 5/18 – 5/25

I love three day weekends!  It’s always fun to come into work on a Tuesday and feel slightly off.  How was your weekend?  Mine was a nice mix of jam packedness mixed with some quality time with Charlotte.  Brian was working on painting our bedroom so Sunday I took Charlotte to a local farm.  They had some baby goats that were sooooo cute!

Charlotte and the baby goat together? Cuteness overload!

Saturday was the Color Run!  The Color Run was my first 5K last year, so it was really cool to go back this year as an Ambassador and see how differently I ran the race.  I met up with Salt and Betty and had a blast.  I had originally thought that I might take Charlotte when I first signed up in January, but I don’t have a jogging stroller and Charlotte is a little unpredictable in large crowds – i.e. she’s a runner.  So I left her at home.  I commented to Salt that I don’t think the Betty / Charlotte combo would have made for a good morning.  I think they would have been a little crazy pants had they been there together.

I’m not going to completely recap this race but some of the highlights:

  • SHINE! – This was dubbed the shine tour and at first I wasn’t sure why.  They sent me a gold foil tattoo, but when we were there waiting, I didn’t see any glitter or anything.  The 3rd color zone was actually silver sparkle!  As you left, you were covered in a nice iridescent sparkle.  I could see it in the hair of the runner ahead of me and it looked so pretty!
  • A MEDAL! – I never did take a picture of the medal, but this was the first year they offered a medal.  Since this run is usually a lot of people’s first 5K, I think it’s a nice touch.
  • ON STAGE! – As ambassador’s, Salt and I were invited up on stage.  We got to lead the countdown for a color throw!

It was a good time.  It’s full of walkers, so it’s obviously not a race to try and PR in, but it’s fun.  I’d like to see how they can change this up in the future.  How much can you do with a color run to keep it interesting?

Post Run Selfie – I was really just trying to check for color in my teeth.


Besides the Color Run, I did get in some good workouts last week.  I had actually come down with something that I’m not sure is allergies or a cold, I’m trying to work through it now, but it’s been kinda annoying.  I traveled for work this week too – so that broke things up a bit.

Tuesday – PT Exercises, core work

Wednesday – 4 miles – I love running in Cleveland.  It’s so freakin’ flat!  I ran my four fastest miles ever!  Although I have to confess – I took a break at 2 miles at a park along Lake Erie.  But still, my pace averaged 11:38.  I really struggle for that here and there is no way I could maintain that kind of pace for 4 miles around my neighborhood.  It’s actually made me think that I might do the Cleveland Half Marathon next year.

Wearing my MD Sweatyband in Ohio! (Along with my Baltimore Half Marathon shirt)

Thursday – rest and traveling back home

Friday – PT Exercises & core work

Saturday – 3 miles at the Color Run

Sunday – Bob Harper – Yoga for the Warrior- this was an hour long video and I really liked it.  Again, borrowed from the library.

Monday – 5 Miles – I had planned to do 6.  It was so humid outside.  I waited until about 8:30 to go out and it was already hot and sticky.  There was a lot of stopping and starting.  I tried a new loop that takes me up a new hill, but I pass the Dunkin Donuts – good news if I need a pee break (which I did).  I was reaching a point where I could do another loop to make it six or head home to make it 5.  I was running low on fluids and I wasn’t near the Dunkin at this point so I called it.

Thankfully the next few weeks are not too busy.  So I’m thinking I’ll get back on a regular schedule again. I found a plank challenge I want to start, but I’ve got to write it down, the plan is on an info graphic that doesn’t print out well.  I’ll share that in another post.

Have you done the Color Run?  Have you ever run a race in Cleveland?  Is there a place you travel to that you love to run?


TGIFriday Five!

I’ve never been so happy to see a Friday in a long time.  First, it’s so freakin’ cold outside.  I don’t even want to leave my bed.  Second, I’ve had a busy week at work which involved a out of town stay Tuesday night and two very long days on Wednesday and Thursday.  That can only mean a lot of catch up today.  Next week is going to be a lot of the same – except it will be in Cleveland, which is much much colder.  I fly out Monday, long days on Tuesday & Wednesday, and fly home Thursday.

It’s Friday again and that means another link up with the DC Trifecta, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia.

Friday Five

 Today’s Friday Five is Races to Run in 2015.  I’ve got 9 on my calendar for this year already (I’m an early registerer).  So I’m going to focus on 5 races that will be new to me this year.

1. Rock n Roll DC 5K

I was so excited to win an entry into the Rock n Roll DC race.  I could have actually picked any distance for free.  Marathon?  Nope…not for me.  Half Marathon?  Nope…not enough time to train.  5K?  That sounds juuuusssst right.  I’ve been wanting to do a Rock N Roll race since I started running last year, so I’m excited to get a taste of it next month.  Plus, I even get a medal!


2. Sole of the City 10K

This is the second race of the Charm City Run B3 Challenge.  I wanted to do this last year because the premium was bananas.  Not actually bananas, just really awesome.  But alas, I wasn’t quite there yet.  This year I am totally there!  The course is a nice run through downtown Baltimore, and relatively flat, so I’m hoping for a 10K PR.



3.  Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon

I’ve been talking about this one for a while and will continue doing so since it is my main training focus this spring.  It’s my hometown half marathon.  They have a 5K and a kids race the night before the half.  Last year, the 5K was my first timed race and I did the Kids Fun Run with Charlotte.  Frederick has a really cute downtown and I’m really excited to run through the city I grew up in.



4.  Charles Street 12

This is affectionately called the Chuck 12 and this year will be it’s 3rd year.  It’s the 3rd race in the B3 Challenge and at the end I collect both my Chuck12 Medal and a B3 Medal.  It starts north of the city in Towson and the race course takes you down Charles Street all the way down to the harbor.  While there are a few hills in the beginning, the elevation drops for the majority of the course as you head downtown.  It will be an interesting and beautiful course to run.


5.  The Christmas Story Run

I haven’t registered for this yet, but if I can make it work this year, I will.  This race takes place in early December in Cleveland (the only strike against it!)  It’s a 5K & 10K race that starts in Public Square, runs to the Christmas Story House and Museum and back (if you do the 10K) the 5Kers get a shuttle back to Public Square.  People apparently dress up like pink bunnies, Red Ryder, the robbers from Ralphie’s dream, wear coonskin hats like Scott Farkus.  All runners get a fun medal too.  They have a virtual option, so I may try to get a group together and do it here in MD.

Christmas Story Run


So those are my five.  I’m looking forward to all of them and God willing, they will all be awesome races with great recaps to share.  I’m looking forward to a warmer weekend and a little bit of snow to play in tomorrow.  Stay warm out there friends!


So what are your five?  Are you looking forward to any one race this year?  Are you doing any race just for fun?

2015 Goals

I can’t think of a more clever title, so a straightforward “2015 Goals” will have to do.

There have been a lot of these posts lately, because of New Years and all.  So why would I be any different?  Last Friday, I read a post on Cynthia’s blog You Signed Up for What?! about how to stick to your fitness goals – and it all reminded me of last year.  I had publicly declared on Facebook to run a 5K, found a plan to follow, taped it to my bathroom mirror, and checked off each workout as I completed them.  Before I knew it, I loved running and ended the year running a half marathon.  So with that kind of success last year, what do I plan on doing in 2015?

As of right now, I am registered for 7 races.  If you’ve looked at my Races page recently, I’ve listed them there.  I’ll probably run a few more 5Ks, so I feel like my year might end up closer to 11 or 12.

  • Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K – March 15, 2015
  • Sole of the City 10K – April 18, 2015
  • Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon – May 3, 2015
  • Color Run – May 23, 2015
  • Baltimore 10 Miler – June, 13, 2015
  • Charles Street 12 – September 5, 2015
  • Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon – October 17, 2015



I don’t really have resolutions, but goals for 2015…so here we go:

1.  No Injuries!  Specifically to the knees.  I’m going to be doing more cross training this year to stay strong.  Along with keeping up with the physical therapy exercises I was given.  I actually saw my physical therapist at the grocery store a few weeks ago, we chatted briefly and I’m planning a pre-emptive visit next month just to “check in” and get checked out.  I also want to work on my core a bit, I might do a 30 day plank challenge or 30 day core challenge to work on this.

2. Drop the last 20 pounds.  I’m 20 lbs away from my goal weight.  Granted the last quarter of the year I slacked in the exercise department and when I wasn’t slacking there, I was eating all the food (around the holidays).  I was able to maintain a 30 lb. weight loss this year, which is the longest I’ve ever kept weight off.  It’s going to involve better meal planning (and sticking to the plan).  I’m good at planning a weeks worth of healthy meals, but some nights I just don’t want to cook them.  Then we end up doing something easy which usually isn’t all that good for us.  My husband is on board with cooking a bunch of stuff on Sundays, so at least we are both on the same page.

3.  Get Faster! I seem to run the same pace for everything, 5K, half marathon, 10K, whatever, I run the same pace. I don’t know if I need to slow down more for the longer runs or if I need to push myself more on the 5K.  Either way, I want to figure it out this year.  Ultimately, I want to get my 5K time closer to 30 minutes.


4.  More Water.  Since I started running, I have been more concerned with staying properly hydrated.  Last year I pretty much cut out all soda.  I still have one occasionally, but now I stick mostly to coffee, tea, and water.  That doesn’t mean that I’m drinking enough though.  Helly also posted this as her goal and posted a cool app to track her water intake.  Upon searching on the app store, I actually had downloaded one before and deleted it, so I got it back from the cloud and will be tracking my beverage intake.

5. Join a Running Club.  Done!  I did this last week.  I joined the Baltimore Road Runners Club. They do a lot of runs near my house, and the races are cheap!  I was kinda intimidated by running clubs thinking everyone would be super fast, so I held out on joining for a long time.  But 2015 is a new year and I’m going to branch out a little more.  Joining the BRRC will allow me to run a few more races this year and not break the bank.  I think the next race they have that I would like to do is in February.

6. Jogging Stroller? This one is still up in the air.  Charlotte is 3, so I don’t know how much use I’d get out of it.  She doesn’t want to ride in a stroller now as it is.  Plus our neighborhood is mighty hilly.  I’m not sure I want to be pushing a 30 lb. preschooler around.  I’m keeping my eye out on Craigslist and the consignment shops, so we’ll see.  If I can get one on the cheap, I may bite the bullet and see if she wants to go on runs with Mommy come spring time.

My last goal isn’t for 2015, but a longer term goal.  I want to run 40 races by the time I turn 40.  No stipulations on distance, just organized races.  I turned 35 this past December, so I’ve got until December 2019 to get it done.  I am going to count 2014’s races, just so I have a buffer in case of injury.  I don’t want to feel pressure to hit the goal and hurt myself.  This makes me excited.  I have all sorts of ideas for that 40th race, but I think I’ll just get through the next few years first.

So there you have it – my running goals for 2015 and beyond!

I guess I can also share some personal goals too.

Non – running goals include:
1. Redoing our master bedroom.  – And by redoing, finally painting it a color we want after living in it for 6 years.  Brian really wants a new bed and king size. So I told him he needs to get his stuff organized and we need to rearrange the room. By doing all that, we might as well just go whole hog and redo the bedroom and make it a nice sanctuary – instead of the cluster it is now. I’m doing some purging of my own too, so I’m really looking forward to having a pretty bedroom soon.
2. Finances – Do a budget and stick to it.  We are consolidating some debt right now, which makes me happy because we will be able to save some money.  I am publicly vowing not to make any frivolous purchases through the end of February.  I have enough clothes to get me through the winter, I have enough athletic gear to get me through next year. In the spring I will re-evaluate only because if I make progress on my weight loss goals, I’ll need some new summer clothes.


This will be me in a year

3. Be Awesome, Give Awesome, Get Awesome. – If anyone out there reads Jen Lancaster, you’ll know that mantra. It was from her book, The Tao of Martha.  It’s a manta that she created about her dog that I thought was a way I wanted to live as well. I guess it’s that positive thinking projection kinda thing – but I love the word “awesome” so it spoke to me. I want to be a nicer, more awesome person to be around. I want to give back and share awesomeness with others, and in return, I hope to get some awesomeness back in some shape or form.

So there you have it.  Those are all my goals for 2015.  There are probably more I didn’t list, but they probably aren’t all that interesting.

Do you have any similar goals?  What do you do to try and stick to your resolutions / goals?

December Goals – So How’d I Do?

How was your weekend?

Mine was busy – Charlotte had her gym class on Saturday, I got my 5 miles in beforehand, then we had a birthday party in the afternoon.  That evening I had another party to go to where I watched the Raven’s beat the Steelers!  Go Ravens!

Sunday we went to the mall and got Charlotte’s three year pictures taken…I have to be honest, she was a disaster, but we got a few good ones!  I’d post one, but for some reason they aren’t showing up when I preview the post.  I’ll share them at some point.

Even though I had been posting my weekly workouts, I still wanted to share how I did compared to the goals I laid out for myself back in early December.  I had been in a workout slump, recovering from the half marathon in October, major illness in November, and just general lack of motivation.

Here is what I laid out for myself:

1. Do weekend long runs – outside!  And by long, I mean 4-5 miles. (4x in December)

2. Cross Training – Spin on Tuesday AM, Yoga on Wednesday AM, Body Pump on Thursday AM  (10 cross training classes)

3. Do a speed workout on the treadmill on Monday or Friday mornings (4x in December)

4. Do hip exercises before Spin & on rest days (8x in December)

5. Find time to do an easy run once a week.  (3x in December)

Results (& some funnies):

1. 3 out of 4 Long Runs completed.  Just getting those done made me feel back on track, plus getting them done outside in the cold has been an adventure.

winter running

2. 8 out of 10 Cross Training Classes completed.  My Wednesday yoga class was canceled last week and this week, or else I would have been 10 for 10!

Spin Class

3. 3 out of 4 Speed Workouts completed.


4. 4 out of 8 Hip Exercises (PT) – I want to say that I didn’t track this very well, but I don’t think that explains all of it.  This is definitely something I need to make sure I do more regularly.


5. 3 out of 3 Easy Runs – Yeah!!!


Hooray for goal setting, right?  Not sure what would have happened had I not laid all that out there.

So what’s up for January & 2015 in general?  More on 2015 goals in another post later this week.  I’m currently working on my training schedule for my spring half.  I’m not doing it with a group this time, so I’m putting together a plan based on the plan I followed for my fall half.  I’m definitely going to be doing more cross training this spring than I did in the fall (mostly because this will be MY schedule).

What races are you running this spring?  Do you make up your own plan or follow one that is already put together?

2014 – A Year in Review

Wow…what a year!  I became a runner.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it.   All in one year I ran my first 5K, my first 10K, my first half marathon, and a handful of other races and runs!  It seems like only yesterday I was attempting my first run walk on the treadmill.  I’m so happy to be finishing 2014 a better person – a changed person – than when I started.

Let me start off by reviewing some goals I had set back in July when I first started blogging.

  • Finish the Baltimore Half Marathon.  No time goals here, just a finish.  (check back after October 18th for the exciting conclusion) – Did it!  Didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but did it!  I’ll see you again in 2015 Baltimore!

Finish Line

  • I’d like to drop another 20 lbs – that will put me in my healthy weight range.  At this point though, my weight loss has slowed significantly – I guess my body has gotten used to the running and I’m eating differently to fuel my running.  So I’ll be happy to be down another 10 by December 31st.  I won’t be a slave to the scale though – if I could drop another pants size, I’ll take that in lieu of 10 pounds.  If I don’t lose anything and I’m still in the same pants – I’ll take that too.  I’ll have run a half marathon – I’ll be riding that high for a while. – Didn’t lose any more weight, but haven’t gained and I’m still in the same pants.  Sounds like a win to me!
  • Shave a minute or two off my 5K time.  I’m not sure how aggressive that is or not.  I’m assuming that by running more, adding in speed work while training, and dropping a few pounds I’ll definitely get a little faster. – I have unofficially run a faster 5K, but not in a race setting.  I have added some speed work to my weekly runs this winter, so I’m hoping that will help come spring.


  • Work in more cross training.  I’ve mentioned before that this training schedule has eliminated my ability to attend my favorite spin class and Body Pump class – so now I’ve got to find other alternatives.  There is a Yoga for Athletes offered at the gym on Wednesday mornings – I’m going to give that a go next week. –  I have been loving Yoga for Athletes and have gotten back to Spin and Body Pump this month.  As I work on my training schedule I’m trying to make sure I can keep going to them.

Several bloggers have been posting their Year of Running reviews.  Looks like it might have originated with Amanda over at MsZippy.  I thought it was a great way to really sum up what this year has been for me.

Happy Monday! Workout Check In

I can’t believe Christmas is in 3 days!  Tonight is the 6th  night of Hanukkah and Charlotte has really made out like a bandit this year.


Here she is displaying her princesses.

What I’ve really been excited to give her this year is games.  She’s finally at an age where she can take turns and follow directions.  So we’ve had a fun time playing board games with her – Frozen Matching, Candy Land, and Sneaky Snacky Squirrel  (she’s getting the Cootie game tonight).  They are good to whip out when she’s getting all toddlery and hyper.  “Hey!  Let’s play a game!”  It’s a distraction that forces her to sit still for a bit.

Over the weekend we had my husbands family over for latkes and fried chicken.  Hanukkah is all about the oil.  So we eat all of the fried things.  Here’s a picture of the “spread”.  I did put some greens on the table.

Fry latke, Fry!

Anywho, on to this past week’s workouts.  Another great week if I do say so myself.

12/15 – PT exercises

12/16 – Spin class – finally got myself a pair of biking shoes.  I went into REI and was able to find a pair on clearance for $25.  They really changed the ride.


12/17 – 18 Minutes of Sprints & Yoga – this was in interesting class.  Since the class is canceled the next two weeks for the holidays, she had us doing some more challenging stuff – like balances and handstands.  I just couldn’t get into crow or side crow.  I feel I’m almost there with crow though.  Crow in 2015!  With the teacher’s assistance I did get up into a forearm stand.  I love doing new things.

12/18 – I talked myself out of getting up for Body Pump since the class will be canceled the next two Thursdays for Christmas & New Years, so I instead stayed in and did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown level 2.

12/19 – Rest day

12/20 – 4 Miles – This was by far my most “badass” run to date.  I had new gloves and a new hat to wear, and fleece lined pants, but 27 degrees was still very cold.  I had myself dressed and a couple times almost threw in the towel.  But I had procrastinated enough that I didn’t have time to do it at the gym, so it was now or never.  I went to the front door, opened the door and closed it again.  Then I pushed myself out.  Told myself I would just do a mile, then come back and do a video or PT.  After the mile was over, I said I would just go to the end of the street.  Then I said, why don’t you just go finish the loop.  Then I ran up that hill again and then finished out four miles (taking the downhill back home).  I couldn’t feel my butt after the 1st mile.  It was so cold.  I don’t think I could do it much colder than that – my wardrobe just isn’t there.  There nothing like almost talking yourself out of something several times and then finishing it (with a great pace at that).

12/21 – did some stretching, but not enough

12/22 – Body Pump!  I made it today!  I think Monday will be my day.  Once I start spring training again, it seems as though Monday Body Pump will fit better with my schedule.  Just wish I didn’t have to miss out on my favorite instructor.

I’ve got a busy couple days coming up – but I’m off work from Wednesday through Monday.  I’m totally going to enjoy it.  Charlotte’s going to school on Friday so Brian and I are having a day date at the movies to see Night at the Museum!

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday with their families.  Full of fun, food, and good cheer!


What’s  in your holiday plans?  What’s the coldest temp you’ve ever run in?