Workout Review 7/6 – 7/12

Happy Monday!  It was a quiet, yet busy weekend.  Not sure why it felt so busy, but it did fly by.  My first run of training season was on Saturday morning.  Then I came home, took Charlotte to gymnastics, and then went to get my hair cut that afternoon.  Sunday I did a quick 2-mile run with my cousin (still sore from the day before), went to the pool, then crashed on the couch late in the afternoon.  Charlotte was insane yesterday, hence why I probably felt like I was so busy.

I did have a good week of workouts so here you go:

7/6 – PT & core – my usual routine of all manners of leg lifts along with some sets of the plank exercises I did during my plank challenge.

7/7 – 3 miles – this was just a plain old vanilla run.  I had thought it was going to be rainy and gloomy, but the sky actually cleared up a bit by the time I got outside.

7/8 – unintentional rest day – I was just to tired to get up.

7/9 – hills, 2.02 miles – I should have run a little bit after finishing the last one, but I was running on the mini hill in front of my building and after my last sprint, I decided against it.  Next time I’ll remember that I can’t do them in front of my house.  I did a mile warm up and then did 6 x 30 second sprints up the hill…some were 29.  I was pretty consistent with my sprints though, even negative splitting.

7/10 – PT, arms, core, stretching & rolling – I wanted to make up for my rest day on Wednesday, but not go too crazy since I had a long run scheduled the next morning, so I did some PT and some bicep, tricep, & shoulder work with dumbbells.  I did a few sets of planks and then did a lot of stretching and spent some time snuggling my foam roller.  My legs were feeling tight, particularly my glutes, hams, and calves (thanks hills) so I wanted to get them loose for Saturday.

7/11 – 4.52 miles – Six miles was the plan.  We met at the Charm City Run store and I met up with my pals from last summer.  Three of us had wanted to do six, the other has not been running and was only going to do three.  So I decided to take the 3 miler with her, then turn around and go back out to get my six.  While running and chatting though, I convinced her to run the big loop with me again and hopefully that would put us at 5.  She was game and we did that and finished up at the store…I was a little disappointed though that it only turned out to be 4.5.  I’m not going to sweat about the mileage today – I have 14 weeks to get to where I need to be for Baltimore in October.

7/12 – 2 Miles – My cousin had texted me Saturday asking if I was up for a run.  She’s just coming off a minor back injury and hasn’t been running so she was up for as little or as much as I wanted.  Since I was still beating myself up over the missed miles from the day before I figured a quickie 2 miler would be okay.  So we met up on the trail and did our 2 miles.  Then we ended up walking and chatting another mile.

Total Miles – 11.54

So now I’m officially in Baltimore Half Training!  Tomorrow is my 2 mile time trial to set my paces for the season.  This is an all out 2 miles that we will then plug into McMillan to get our training paces for the season for both long runs and the track.  I really want to get my paces down and understand pacing.  I’ve mentioned before that I run everything the same and my overall goals for the Baltimore Half this year is to get my pacing right so I can run a strong race.  My short term goal for Tuesday?  Just to run it faster than I did last year.

How was your weekend?  How is your training going?

Weekly Workouts 6/29 – 7/5

Happy Monday!  How was your fourth?  I spent mine with family in Frederick and took Charlotte to see her first fireworks.  I actually had a lot of fun because I haven’t gone to see fireworks in years.  My brother went down to the park to stake out a spot early in the morning and we met up later in the afternoon to listen to music, eat good food, and let the kids run around.


As far as workouts go, last week there were zero!  As I mentioned in last Monday’s post I was in Vegas for work and the time change and delayed flight, combined with the long days really wore me out.  I did do a ton of walking, it was one of the few times I wish I had a FitBit.  I got home at about 2:30 AM on Thursday and was too tired to get up on Friday morning.  Vegas was fun though.  My hotel was awesome, I saw a Cirque show, and I actually did learn some things at the conference.  (I’m proud to say that none of these pictures involved a selfie stick.)





On Saturday morning, my local running store, Charm City Run was having a Fourth of July group run so I signed up and met up with another friend who was running.  I was only going to do 3 miles, but thankfully she convinced me to do 4.  When we got started it was misty and overcast out and I had hoped the rain would hold off. About 2.5 miles in, it started to pour. I had never run in the rain before so I felt kinda awesome.  I wasn’t wearing a hat though and it was getting in my eyes, not fun.    Overall, the run went okay, my body didn’t totally hate me.


Total Miles – 4

Today it’s back on the wagon.  Half-Marathon training officially starts this coming Saturday so the countdown begins again!

Since it’s that time of year again, are you starting up your training for a fall race anytime soon?  How did you celebrate 4th of July?










Weekly Workouts 6/23 – 6/28

Good Morning!  I haven’t seen you guys on a Monday morning in quite a while!  I’m blogging today from sunny and blazing hot Las Vegas!  And by hot, I mean freakin’ hot.  I’m allowed to complain about the heat when it’s over 100.  

I’m here for the SHRM Conference (Society for Human Resources for those of you wondering what a SHRM was).  I flew in on Saturday and it was probably my worst travel day ever.

I skipped my AM run on Saturday since it was raining and I was going to fly out that afternoon.  I wanted one last AM snuggle session with Charlotte.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 5:30 that afternoon.  I figured I’d just go to bed as soon as I got there and then I could get up early to get a run in.  Well, flight was delayed 2 hours.  We didn’t take off until about 7:30.  And by the time I got a cab and got to my hotel, my body was feeling like it was 1:30 AM.  I’m usually in bed by 10…so this was the worst.

Then when I get to my hotel and start unpacking, they apparently left my suitcase out in the rain and some of my clothes were drenched.  No bueno!  Thankfully I overpack, so I’ll be okay, but c’mon!

So a long run just didn’t happen this weekend, I’ll live.

Here is how the rest of the week went though:

6/23 – Run 3.24 – I did a new route this morning to add some length.  If I can get up earlier, I’d like to make this easyish run a 4 miler.

6/24 – Plank Challenge D27

6/25 – Hill Repeats 2.58. I replicated last week’s workout and did one more repeat.

6/26 – Final Plank – 2:33, Yoga With Adrienne – Energizing Morning Yoga

Plank Challenge is done!  I skipped the last workout and went straight to the final test since I’m headed out of town.  I’m happy I did it. I can definitely notice a difference in how I “hold my gut” in.  When I catch it “relaxed” it’s not as much effort to pull it back in (if that makes sense).  While I don’t think I’ll necessarily plank every day, the challenge introduced me to several plank variations which when combined make a great core workout which I will add to my weekly routine.

6/27 – Rest and travel.  Since it was raining and I was leaving later in the day, I decided to rest and get one last AM snuggle with my girl before going out of town.  Since it was raining I would have probably run on the treadmill anyway, so why not put off the run til Sunday at my hotel?

6/28 – Rest – I didn’t officially workout, but I did walk about 4 miles over the course of the day.  

Total Miles – 5.82

This week I’m just going to try and survive this conference.  The days start early and will be long.  I’m not going to beat myself up though if I can’t figure it out between my body clock and the real clock.  I’ll just have to do my best to eat well this week and do what I can.

Hope you all have a great week!

Weekly Workouts 6/16-6/22

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know a few of you raced at Grandma’s Marathon and I can’t wait to hear read all about it.  I’m just now catching up on some things from over the weekend.  It seems that lately whenever I have free time, I don’t necessarily want to spend it doing anything that requires brain activity.

Last week was pretty good.  I completed the third week of planks and I’m finishing up the final days now….I missed a few days of it last week, so I picked up where I left off and I’m scheduled to end it on Friday I think with a final plank test.  Last week I tried a new recipe in the crock pot.  Italian Beef sandwiches.  Not really healthy, but a nice change up.  They were even Charlotte approved!

Just take a 3-3.5 lb chuck roast, throw it in the crockpot with some italian dressing mix, roasted red peppers, and some mild banana pepper rings.  Cook on low 7-8 hours.  Shred & serve!  We had ours on hoagie rolls with provolone cheese.  I put some extra red peppers and banana peppers on mine.

So last weeks workouts went as such:

6/16 – Plank Challenge D21 & 2.2 Miles – This was my plank test, as I mentioned last week I did a 2:12.  I also did a brief run in my neighborhood.  I forgot to take my Garmin with me and thought, “no problem, I’ll use Map My Run!”  Then of course I paused it while I was putting my phone back in my SpiBelt.  I know that I ran about 2.2 when I mapped it out, but I have no idea of the time…which is okay.  One benefit of using Map My Run (if you keep your phone in a belt) is you get to run by feel and can’t check your pace every thirty seconds, but you can still track your run.  When you hear your splits, the mile is already over and you can’t do anything about it.

6/17 – Plank Challenge D22, No More Trouble Zones – The plank challenges are starting to take a long time now.  Between the multiple types of planks and the multiple sets, they are turning into 20 minute ordeals…not a bad thing, but doesn’t leave much time for anything else if you are pressed for time in the AM (like I usually am.)

6/18 – Rest – I got up to run, but just felt so tired.  I even had my clothes on.  I started to head out of my bedroom after changing then decided to crawl back into bed.  With my running clothes still on.

6/19 – Hill repeats, 2.34 miles-  This was another fun hill workout.  I made sure to switch my Garmin to manual laps so I could track my time.  The hill was .15-.17 depending on where I stopped and fairly steep.  I don’t know what I’m trying to do on these hill repeats other than run up the hill as fast as I can.  I did a mile warm up and then did three repeats, with a jog back down the hill to cool down and a brief pause before starting the next one.  Then I jogged back home (only about a quarter mile.)  I did negative split the hill repeats, so that’s a positive.  The next time I do it, I’m going to do five.  After I got home, I felt I could have done a few more.

6/20 – 5.5 miles – Most people would not have done a long run after doing the hill workout the day before but I thought it was supposed rain on Sunday morning, so I went out to get my 5 miles in.  It was humid, but overcast so the sun was not beating down.  It was a good run.  I started out slow like I wanted, picked it up in mile 2, miles 3 &4 were my worst (I hit the worst hill at mile 3), but in the 5th I somehow was able to pick it up and the last half mile was amazeballs (thank you downhills!)

6/21 – Plank Challenge D23, PT exercises

6/22 – Plank Challenge D24, Yoga Meltdown – I haven’t done the Yoga Meltdown in a while, so between that video yesterday and my hilly run this morning, my but is screaming!

Total Miles – 10.04

 How was your week? 


Weekly Workouts 6/9 – 6/15

Happy Tuesday!  I don’t know when I started doing these workout reviews on Tuesdays – I must have missed a few Mondays and thought “what the heck?”  I’ll probably get back to Mondays when I start my half training again in a few weeks.

I had a fun weekend.  I did the Charm City Run Timonium Anniversary Run on Saturday morning.  Salt was there with little B. and so was my friend Anna from my half group (she signed up again this summer!  yeah!)  We went out for 4 hilly miles and those hills…oh the hills.  And the heat…and the humidity!  I’m glad I can just go out and run without layering up, but seriously, there was no spring, we went from winter to summer.  The humidity the past few weeks has been awful too and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.  Get used to it or bust!

Saturday night my mom came up to watch Charlotte and Brian and I finally went out for our 9th anniversary.  (Our anniversary was actually at the end of May).  When I think about it sometimes, we were babies when we got married (26) and I still can’t believe it’s been 9 years already.  The time has flown by.  We celebrated by going to Ruth’s Chris for dinner.  We each got a house salad and a filet.  We split some mashed potatoes and I also had some broiled tomatoes which were fantastic.   After dinner we had a free movie pass so we went to see San Andreas (they wouldn’t take passes for Jurassic World).  Not bad for your run of the mill disaster movie.  I can count on one hand the times we’ve gone out for dinner and a movie since Charlotte was born.  It was such a treat!


Yes, we totally housed the flourless chocolate cake.

Sunday morning we went to the pool first thing when it opened and came home after lunch.  We had the rest of the day to just hang out and do some Sunday relaxing.

Last week was tough.  My legs remained sore from the 10 Miler the previous Saturday so I was doing a lot of low key workouts and a lot of stretching up until this past weekend’s 4 mile run.

6/9 – Plank Challenge Day 14 – 2:02, stretching, foam rolling

6/10 – 2 miles, Plank Challenge D15

6/11 – rest day

6/12 – Plank Challenge D16, 20 minutes of Yoga for Athletes

6/13 – 4 miles

6/14 – Plank Challenge D18, PT Exercises.

6/15 – 30 minutes of Pure Burn Pure Strength

Total Miles – 6 miles

Week 2 Plank – 2:02

Since I do the Plank Tests on Tuesday mornings, it’s kinda silly to wait all week to see how long my planks are so here is my plank time from this morning – the end of week 3 test.

Week 3 Plank – 2:16

I’m finding with the planks that it’s not necessarily the strength to hold it, but the mental ability to keep holding it.  I’ve taken to putting on a song and just closing my eyes and singing along.  The minute I take a look at the timer and it’s not where I wish it was, I start to waver a bit – so back to the second verse.  🙂

This week my plan is to get 3 runs in, with Saturday or Sunday being a long run of 5 or 6 miles, and do cross training on other days.  I really need to get acclimated to this humidity.  I know I will – it’s not like I’ve never done it before.  This week will be my last week of the plank challenge.  I’m going to continue to plank, in addition to other core work, but I might try to find a glute / butt challenge.  I know I could use some work in firming strengthening that area up plus it will help with my running.

Do you like doing 30 day challenges?  What are your goals for the week?  At the risk of being redundant (I’m sure it’s being talked about all over the running blogosphere) – what’s your one hot weather running tip? 



Friday Five – Favorite Summer Activities

Yeah Summer!  It’s really here this week – my car read 100 degrees yesterday!  I won’t complain though, I’ll take this over the freezing cold that hung on for way to long this winter.

So along with summer comes a bevy of new activities to occupy my time.  Thanks to the DC Trifecta, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, I can divulge all those things in this weeks Friday Five.  These aren’t specific activities necessarily, but definitely things I’m looking forward to this summer.

Friday Five

Pool days and Pedicures – I finally joined a pool last year that was fairly cheap.  I missed their early bird deadline this year and couldn’t stomach paying what they wanted me to pay with the complete lack of amenities they had.  It was a pool at an apartment complex, it was nice and big, but no snack bar, snack machines, etc.  I put that money towards a larger pool this summer.  It has 3 pools, a splash pad, playgrounds, etc.  Just lovely.  Summer time also means pedicures are a necessity.  Gotta keep those piggies lookin’ good!


Being outdoors in general – just being able to go outside for extended periods!  I can take Charlotte to ride her bike, we can go to the pool, zoo, etc.  It was so hard being stuck in the house when it was so cold outside.  She would get so bored and I would get so bored – and she’s three, she needs to burn off that three year old energy.


Summer Fruits – I love the summer fruits that are in season.  Peaches, watermelon, strawberries, all berries…  Smoothies never tasted so good!  I’m planning to do some strawberry picking at some point this summer.  I think Charlotte will love it.

fresh fruit

Sweaty Runs – I know my face doesn’t look like it in this picture, but I do love a good sweat.  It makes things a little tougher, but it’s so much easier to get outside for a summertime run than winter.  The sun rises at about 5:30, so it’s not dark when I go out.  It’s not freezing cold so I don’t need a million layers.  I can just get up and go!  And a good sweat sesh in the morning makes me feel great the rest of the day.  Check out that glistening forehead!

sweaty run

And my most favorite of all?  HALF MARATHON TRAINING!!

I trained this winter for my spring half all on my lonesome, so this summer I signed up to train with the Charm City Run Half group again.  Our coach from last summer is returning and so is one of my running friends from last year.  I’m really excited to do it again and do it better than last year (knowing what I know now).  It starts in July and we meet twice a week, once for a track workout and on the weekends for long runs.  It’s much more fun training with other people.


Some of my BRFs from last summer’s group.

What are you looking forward to this summer?  Ever been strawberry picking?  Have any good strawberry recipes to share?

Weekly Workout Review – 6/2-6/8

Another week goes by and I had another week of workouts.  I already told you about my weekend race, I’ve got lots to think about while gearing up for half training next month.  My plans for this month are to just keep up with cross training, keep up my base miles, run for fun, and maybe do a few runs without the Garmin, or put it in my pocket or something where I can’t look at it every 5 seconds.

Tuesday – Day 7 of the Plank Challenge!  Today I had to hold a standard plank for as long as I could and I made it 1:49.  Baseline was 1:33.  Next Tuesday will be the next Plank Test.  I also did 4 circuits from Jillian Michael’s DVD “No More Trouble Zones”  It’s a strength training DVD that is about 55 minutes total.  I didn’t have time to do the whole workout, but this DVD allows you to select each of the circuits individually.  Which I like so I can customize a shorter workout when I need to.  I chose Shoulders & Legs, Chest & Core, Biceps & Butt, Triceps & Thighs.  Additional circuits were: Core, Upper Body & Core, & Lower Body & Core.

Wednesday – Happy National Running Day!  I got up in the AM and did PT exercises and Plank Challenge D8

Thursday – 3 Miles – I wanted to take an easy run, but also wanted to run a little faster than usual, so the plan was to try for negative splits.  My legs did not want to run they were very heavy.  I went after work, because I was too tired in the morning, and I think I was still tired.  I ended up running 12:15, 12:15, and 12:05.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I felt good after not having run since Sunday.

Friday – a little yoga, a little stretching, plank challenge D9

Saturday – Baltimore 10 Miler!  Recap is posted here.

Sunday – Still sore from Saturday’s race, so I met up with my MRTT mamas to just walk.  I brought Charlotte along who wanted to run.  She was a little sad as everyone pulled ahead of us.  She turned around and told me ” They’re going to reach the finish line before us!”   She ended up tiring herself out, so I had to carry her back to the car to get our non-jogging stroller and then we headed back out.  I showed her how to eat honeysuckles and we listened music on the iPod as we walked along the trail.  I enjoyed her version of Shake It Off.  We ended up going a little over 2 miles.   It was a good morning…she enjoyed eating munchkins and spilling my coffee afterwards.

Sara Myer Lichter's photo.

Monday – Plank Challenge D12 – this was the first combo day of both regular planks & side planks.  I also did some stretching and foam rolling, my calves were still tight.

Total Miles – 13

Plank Time – 1:49

Overall it was a meh week.  I was taking it easy in preparation for the race on Saturday and with Brian out of town I was limited on what I could do on Tuesday & Wednesday.  I also missed a couple of the plank challenge days.  I missed a day, so I planked on a plan rest day, then completely skipped the plank on race day.  Monday should have been a rest day (Day 13 not Day 12), but I wanted to get the work in before my plank test this morning.  This week I’m committing to sticking to the plank schedule, getting in a few easy runs, and doing some PT & strength training.

What are your goals for the week?  What do you focus on in between training cycles?