Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Did you see that?  Week 6?  I’m halfway done my training.  I can’t believe I’m halfway there…or another way of looking at it is only 4 long runs left until taper. EEEEK!

So I have a confession – I got a DNS for Rock n Roll DC.  It was a rainy mess, it was only a 5K, and I didn’t pay for the entry.  It wasn’t worth the hour and a half commute to run 3.1 miles in the rain.  I was really excited to experience a Rock n Roll race, but this just wasn’t the year to do it I guess.  Registration for the 2016 half is only $50 right now, but after this winter, I’m not sure I’d want to sign up for a race any earlier than April or May.


Sunday I did run the Kelly’s Shamrock 5K in Baltimore and it was a blast!  Such a fun race, I’ll definitely do that one again. I got another PR too!  I’ll do a proper recap later this week.  I guess that’s to be expected now that I’ve got a full year of running under my belt.  It’s exciting to see how far I’ve come though.  Anyways…

Frederick Factoid #4

This isn’t so much of a Factoid as it is an ad for a fun event in Frederick.  Every year, on a September Saturday, Frederick’s main street, Market Street, is shut down to traffic for the In the Streets Festival.  As kid the idea of this was fun because hey, I was walking in the middle of the street!  Each block is themed, there are local artisans, local restaurants, and live bands all out in the street.  You can go into all the local shops and boutiques and enjoy a nice day out.  What kind of sell would this be if I didn’t mention the Market Street Mile Road Race that is held in the morning?  They have a men’s heat, a women’s heat, a youth heat, and a Family Fun Walk.  Depending on my training schedule this fall, I’m gonna try and do this with Charlotte – all kids get a finisher’s medal.  All in all, this is a great event for everyone and if you ever want to explore Frederick and have a good time…check out the In the Streets Festival.

Now, on to last week’s workouts.  All in all, it was a good week.  The 10K really did a number on my legs and it took a while for them to feel normal again.  Not running outside for over a month will do that to you I guess.

Sunday – 7.2 Miles – Cupids 10K Crush, plus 1 warm up mile

Monday – Body Pump – I made it back!  It had been so long I couldn’t remember what weights I had been using.

Tuesday – Speed Work – Daylight savings caught up to me and I couldn’t wake up.  One missed run isn’t going to kill my schedule.

Wednesday – Yoga – I did a 40 minute video I found online.  It was called Yoga Flow for Runners by a yoga instructor named Cara Gilman.  It was challenging and good.  I’ll probably go back to it whenever I’m out of town and stuck in my hotel room.

Thursday – Tempo Run – I planned to do this as a 4 mile progressive run, and it was awful.  The gym in the hotel was so humid and my legs just didn’t want to run.  Even though I was progressing in speed, I kept stopping and starting.  It was probably the worst run ever.  The only redeeming part of the run is that I did force myself to finish out the last mile with no stopping.  So I had a strong finish…I guess that can kinda make up for the first three miles of ridiculousness.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 8 Miles – Since I skipped out on the DC 5K, I was able to go back to my scheduled run of 8 miles.  I was on the treadmill of course due to the rain, but it was a great 8 miles.  It went much better than the prior 8 mile treadmill run.  The second half wasn’t as smooth as the first, but I had no trouble getting started back up and had another strong finish.

Total Miles – 12 – (I counted Sunday’s 10K in last weeks miles)

Even though I had a race scheduled for Sunday, I felt I deserved to enjoy a couple of these as I caught up on Downton Abbey.


Supertramp from Flying Dog Brewery. Very good!

I don’t have any planned travel for at least 3 weeks!!!  The past two months have just felt crazy.  Time to get some actual work done (and time to get caught up on my blogs!)

How is your training going?  What is the worst run you’ve ever had?



Frederick Half Marathon – Week 5

Surprise!  I ran a race yesterday and PRd.  But if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have already known that – because only this morning have I stopped posting about it.  🙂  It was a 10K put on by the Baltimore Road Runners.  I’ll do a full recap later this week, but was stoked to PR by over 5 minutes.


Frederick Factoid #4.

I totally slacked this week on Frederick Factoids.  Can I take a pass and come back with a new factoid next week?

Last week’s training was kinda screwy because of the weather, but I got it done.  I also started to come down with a little cold on Thursday into Friday.  Thankfully, my run Friday went okay and whatever it was had subsided by Saturday.  It had me worried for a split second.

Sunday – PT, core work, yoga

Monday Body Pump – 30 Day Shred Levels 2 & 3 – Ice Storms from the weekend forcing a late opening at the gym and Brian needed to leave early for work anyway forced my hand.  I miss BP.  (I totally made it today though!)

Tuesday – Speed Work – The plan was to do 5x800s again.  I think I made one a 400 when I wasn’t paying attention.  I need to do a better job keeping track of the speeds I’m using on the treadmill.  I don’t use the same speed every time, so I should probably do a better job of recording it after the workout.  I ended up doing 3.75 miles averaging a 12:10 pace.  I was walking in between some of the intervals.

Wednesday – Yoga – Brian had to get to work early again, so I did yoga at home.  I found a free 20 minute video on demand.  It wasn’t very challenging.  I did some additional core work and did my PT exercises.  I really would like to find a yoga video that isn’t trying to melt me down…just a straightforward yoga video.  Nothing wrong with Jillian, but just want something a little more yoga.

ThursdayTempo Run – Snow Day!  It was snowing all day so running outside wasn’t going to happen.  I did some shoveling and playing though.  So there was some calorie burn.

FridayRest – Tempo – I hit the gym after work so that I could get a few miles in.  I ended up getting 3 miles in.  I did the first easy and picked up the pace for the 2nd & 3rd.  The average pace ended up at 11:54.

Saturday Long Run – Rest Day – I signed up for the race on Sunday at the last minute, so this became a “rest” day.  I use quotes because we ended up going to the mall and walking around a lot.  And anyday home with Charlotte is not rest – and I mean that in the best possible way.  🙂

Total Miles – 6.75 (13.95 if count the race from yesterday)

The next few weeks have me a bit irrationally concerned.  I should have run 8 this weekend and I only did 7.  Next weekend I have two 5Ks – one Saturday & one Sunday – I should be going for 8-9 miles.   Should I try to run another 3 miles at some point next weekend to get a total of 9 done for the weekend or just let be?  If I don’t, will it be too much to try and run 9 the following weekend?  Kinda makes me regret yesterday’s race because it threw my long run schedule off.  I know I’m being ridiculous – but I like to overthink things and ruminate them into the ground.

Would going for 9 miles in two weeks be too much or should I readjust my long run schedule?  Can you recommend a good yoga video?  How was your weekend?

Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 2

Another week down and another week closer to my next half.  There was some exciting news on the race front this week too.  The Frederick Half is part of the King Crab Challenge that I signed up for last fall.  It includes the Frederick Half in May, the Baltimore 10-Miler in June, and the Baltimore Half in October.  It was a great discount to sign up for all three last fall and for completing the 3 races, I get an extra premium – last year it was a backpack.  They just announced this years prize:

King Crab Medal Rack

This picture isn’t the greatest, but it’s a medal rack for all 4 medals I’ll earn from completing the King Crab!  The hooks are crab claws!  My mind wants it to be October already so I can hang this up NOW.  The other awesome thing about this?  Typically, you don’t get a medal for completing the Bmore 10-Miler – but this year, if you signed up for the King Crab Challenge – you do!  So that’s a medal for Frederick, the 10-Miler, Baltimore, and the Maryland Double medal for doing both Frederick & Baltimore halves.  I hate to admit it, but I love bling – and this is just all kinds of blingy.

Okay okay, back to Frederick.  I grew up in Frederick, so doing the half marathon there was a no-brainer.  It’s a smallish town, and back when I lived there, even smaller – they didn’t even have a Target until I was away at college. Can you imagine???  I was so deprived!  I didn’t have a bad time growing up there but I couldn’t wait to get out when I started college.

Each week, I’d like to share a little factoid or tidbit about Frederick, so you can learn a little bit about the city I call my hometown.


Frederick Factoid #1

Francis Scott Key, who wrote the Star Spangled Banner, is buried in Frederick in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Frederick’s main shopping mall is named after him, as is the minor league baseball team, the Frederick Keys.  Nothing says “American Hero” like having a mall named after you and a baseball mascot called the Keyote (like coyote).



Now, on to my workouts:

Monday – Body Pump – legs were still sore from Sunday, but class went okay.

Tuesday – Speed Work – There was freezing rain overnight so when I went outside and saw the sidewalks I was a little cautious, then when I saw the thick layer of ice on my windshield I said forget it.  My legs were STILL sore from Sunday’s run and I decided I would go after work.  When I got on the treadmill that afternoon, my legs felt like lead.  Speed work wasn’t going to happen.  So I decided to stay on for an easy 30 minutes, which then became finish out the 2.5.  So I did.  It was hard, but I’m glad I got in something.

Wednesday – Yoga – I held crow again!  Still only for a few seconds, I spoke to the teacher after class and got a few pointers.  So I’m hoping I’ll nail it soon.

Thursday – Tempo Run – This was a tough one to get started, but felt okay once I did.  I started with the 5 minute easy warm up like last week, did 30 minutes at tempo pace, then a 5 minute cooldown.

Friday – REST!

Saturday – 6 Miles – Treadmill – The first three miles were good. I stopped for a potty break and it was hard to get restarted. I finished the end of it strong though.  I started the Serial podcast and that helped pass the time.

Total Miles – 11.86

So I’m looking forward to Week 3.  I have some work things going on this week along with crazy weather, I’m hoping to be able to get all my runs in.  Next weekend, I’m scheduled for 8.  I’m hoping and praying for decent weather so I can do it outside.  Six on the treadmill was a mental struggle – I don’t want to have to experience 8.

I know others have done more, but how do you get through the longer runs on the treadmill?  When you are at the gym, do you take in fuel while running your long runs?  If you aren’t currently living in your hometown, have you ever gone back to run it?

Workout Review and Half Marathon Training!

So how ’bout that Super Bowl? Since the Ravens were not playing,  I was rooting for the Seahawks, only to be disappointed in the end.  I was really only watching for the commercials and the excuse to eat buffalo chicken dip. Nationwide Insurance can go to hell with their commercial. I watch Super Bowl commercials to cry happy tears when the Budweiser puppy is saved by the Budweiser clydesdales…not cry out of the horrible thought of my child dieing. If you didn’t see it…don’t look it up, you’ll only be upset for the rest of the day. And after that halftime show, I am investing in a golden tiger as my main form of transportation and adding some Missy Elliott to my playlist…where has she been?

missy elliott

So let’s take a look at last week’s workouts shall we?

1/26 – Body Pump
1/27 – Spin Class
1/28 – Yoga and a 1.5 mile run
1/29 – Tempo Run. I did something different this week and actually followed my coach’s instructions from last summer. I did a 5 minute warm up at my easy pace. Then did 25 at a harder pace. Followed by a 5 minute cool down. I don’t remember what tempo speed I chose, just that it was in the 11 something per mile. I’ll have to write it down this week.
1/30 – Rest Day!
1/31 – 5.33 Miles on treadmill. I didn’t play around with my speed this week, I settled in for a long run at a comfortable pace.

So that takes us to February 1st which was the first day of my training plan and a rest day.

So I’m back in training mode! That means I have a half marathon in 12 weeks…eeek!

I’m following the same model that I followed last summer, 3-4 days of running, a speed day, a tempo day, and a long day. If I can squeeze in some easy miles here and there I will. I’m doing a couple things different this time. One is the cross training. I’m doing Body Pump on Mondays, Yoga on Wednesdays, and PT exercises on rest days or in the evenings. The other is making sure my focus on Tuesdays and Thursdays is on the effort, not the miles. I’m always so focused on the miles that I think I missed the point of some of my workouts last summer. My first month is below.


I finally got an app to edit my photos and put cute captions on them!


I love writing out my plans like this and then hanging it up in my bathroom so I can see it every morning before I leave. When I come back to shower I check off my workout and write in what I did. I did this last year when I was following a beginner 5K plan and I’ve kept doing it. When I fell off the fitness wagon after my half in October, I got myself back on track by planning out December. Here is what my January calendar looked like by the end of the month:

I had to drop Spin Class again, which I’m really bummed about. But I’m not superwoman and I have a family and a job. So in order to fit in the runs, I had to drop it. I felt the strength training from Body Pump and Yoga are much better for my running. While its still freezing and I’m going to the gym for my speed work, may try to get up extra early on Tuesdays to get my run in and then do half a spin class…but we’ll see. I have a hard enough time getting up as it is.

So there you have it…my next weekly update will be from my training plan. I’m really excited for this training cycle, since I’m not a newbie anymore I kinda know what I’m doing and I’m not afraid of it.

How was your weekend? Did you see that Nationwide commercial last night? How do you keep yourself on track with your training?

The Friday Five – Favorite Indoor Workouts

It’s that time again!  Friday!!!

I’m linking up again with Mar from Mar On the Run, Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, and Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?! for the Friday Five!

Friday Five

It’s been a long cold week.  Our end of the storm was a bust, but it’s been super cold all week.  I don’t see any outdoor runs in my future anytime soon.  Which is great timing for this week’s Friday Five topic – Favorite Indoor Workouts!

For most of you, these workouts will come as no surprise, because I talk about them often.

1. Spinning – I love me a good spin class.  The instructor at my gym, whom I LOVE, makes her own workouts each week.  The music is good and the class is intense.  When I can’t make it to her class, I have a spin class app on my phone.  You can program your own music and it will give you prompts when to add gear, when to speed up, stand & climb, or sit down.  It’s been great to use when I travel and there is a stationary bike or if I just go to the gym for a workout and the spin room is free.  Spinning is a great way to keep up your cardio when you can’t run (as long as your doctor approves).  I used spin to replace my runs when I had to take a break from running.


Gratuitous spin shoe shot

2. Body Pump – This is my primary source of full body strength training.  It’s so great to come back after a couple weeks and add weight. The workouts are rigorous; it keeps your heart rate up while doing a full body strength workout.  I’ve always been a fan of Body Pump since I first took it back in 2005.


3. Physical Therapy – I don’t go to physical therapy, but I do the exercises I was given at home on my own about twice a week.  It’s not high intensity, so I typically do it in combination with stretching and foam rolling, and I usually throw in some core work.  I had knee issues which the therapist attributed to weak quads, hips, and glutes, so I do a lot of leg lifts.


Just a front leg lift while watching the Today Show. No big deal.

4.  Running on the Treadmill – While I would much rather run outside, it’s just not possible for me in this weather.  I can’t do it.  So to the gym I go to hop on the tready.  It’s been tough doing my longer weekend runs on it, but I’m getting them done.  It’s also been fun to play with my speed and push myself a little bit more than I would on my usual neighborhood route.


Sorry lady in front of me…you are now immortalized on my blog.

5.  Yoga – OMG what would I do without yoga?  I’ve said it before, but it really is my weekly reset button.  I feel all stretched out afterwards and just plain “aaahhh”.  I take a class called “Yoga for Athletes” at my gym and it can be a tough at times.  The instructor is great and I twist myself into positions that I didn’t think were possible for me.  I’ve even located a yoga studio near my worksite in Cleveland to go to when I’m in town for work.  Yoga is also something I can easily do at home.  I usually do a few Sun Salutations before I start physical therapy exercises.


I walk away from my mat for 2 seconds and Charlotte is in a downward dog.

So there you have it.  My favorite indoor workouts.  Even though I love all these indoor activities, I can’t wait for it to warm up…just give me some 40 degree mornings, please???


How is it Tuesday? Workout Review 1/4 – 1/11

Wow – Monday really got away from me.

Yesterday, morning started out with freezing rain.  I got up early to go to the gym – only to find they were opening late due to the inclement weather and my 6AM Body Pump class was canceled.  I was irritated because I missed BP last week.  I went home and did a Jillian Michaels video.  (30 Day Shred if you are interested.)

This morning I did spin class and the room was so hot.  It was insane.  Here is a picture of what the floor looked like when the class was over:


That’s not a fresh wax job.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  But that glisten on the floor was everywhere and shows just how humid the room was.

This past weekend was a blur too.  I was on a purging rampage – in the best possible way.  The prior weekend I had gone through one of my dressers and got rid of a ton of clothes and organized the drawers.  This weekend I tackled my vanity and my closet.  This is part of what Brian and I got out of our bedroom.2015/01/img_1496.jpg

That’s only part of it.  We also went through our hall closet and got rid of a ton of coats, hats, gloves, etc that hadn’t seen the light of day since we moved in here in 2008.  In total, I think we had like 12 large garbage bags full of clothes and “stuff” to donate.  Next weekend it’s our bookcases.

So before I did the workout of carrying those bags out of the house, I had a full week of actual workouts.

Monday – skipped Body Pump because I was coming down with something

Tuesday – PT Exercises & Spin Class – I had no voice, but whatever I had was not in my chest, so I went and it was fine.

Wednesday – 1 Mile Run & Yoga – I had wanted to do 2 miles, but ran out of time before yoga started.  Yoga was hard this week – especially after not having it for two weeks.

Thursday – Easy 3 Miles – it’s been way too cold to run outside so this was on the treadmill right next to Salt.  We were even wearing nearly matching bright yellow shirts.

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Long Run – 4.5 Miles – I had been doing these outside, but I just couldn’t go outside when it was the teens.  Plus, I was concerned about ice.  So this, I believe was my longest treadmill run ever.  I wanted to do 5, but I had to cut it short so I could drive back home and get showered in time to take Charlotte to gym class.  Despite running on the treadmill for almost an hour, this was a great run.  I’ve been playing around with my speed when I’ve been on the treadmill to mix it up a bit.  I’ve been trying to run faster for longer periods of time.  (I guess that’s what a tempo run is – duh.)  I was really surprised that my average pace ended up at 11:52 – since I do tend to run slower on the treadmill.

Thursdays are the days that I am dedicating to really doing some speed work – so maybe I’ll push it a little more this week.

Sunday – Rest

Anywho, that’s it for today.  I feel like I got a great week of workouts in – and I actually can’t wait to start training next month.

Have you started training yet?  How are your workouts going?  How do you pass the time on treadmill when music and TV just won’t cut it?