Weekly Workout Review 5/18 – 5/25

I love three day weekends!  It’s always fun to come into work on a Tuesday and feel slightly off.  How was your weekend?  Mine was a nice mix of jam packedness mixed with some quality time with Charlotte.  Brian was working on painting our bedroom so Sunday I took Charlotte to a local farm.  They had some baby goats that were sooooo cute!

Charlotte and the baby goat together? Cuteness overload!

Saturday was the Color Run!  The Color Run was my first 5K last year, so it was really cool to go back this year as an Ambassador and see how differently I ran the race.  I met up with Salt and Betty and had a blast.  I had originally thought that I might take Charlotte when I first signed up in January, but I don’t have a jogging stroller and Charlotte is a little unpredictable in large crowds – i.e. she’s a runner.  So I left her at home.  I commented to Salt that I don’t think the Betty / Charlotte combo would have made for a good morning.  I think they would have been a little crazy pants had they been there together.

I’m not going to completely recap this race but some of the highlights:

  • SHINE! – This was dubbed the shine tour and at first I wasn’t sure why.  They sent me a gold foil tattoo, but when we were there waiting, I didn’t see any glitter or anything.  The 3rd color zone was actually silver sparkle!  As you left, you were covered in a nice iridescent sparkle.  I could see it in the hair of the runner ahead of me and it looked so pretty!
  • A MEDAL! – I never did take a picture of the medal, but this was the first year they offered a medal.  Since this run is usually a lot of people’s first 5K, I think it’s a nice touch.
  • ON STAGE! – As ambassador’s, Salt and I were invited up on stage.  We got to lead the countdown for a color throw!

It was a good time.  It’s full of walkers, so it’s obviously not a race to try and PR in, but it’s fun.  I’d like to see how they can change this up in the future.  How much can you do with a color run to keep it interesting?

Post Run Selfie – I was really just trying to check for color in my teeth.


Besides the Color Run, I did get in some good workouts last week.  I had actually come down with something that I’m not sure is allergies or a cold, I’m trying to work through it now, but it’s been kinda annoying.  I traveled for work this week too – so that broke things up a bit.

Tuesday – PT Exercises, core work

Wednesday – 4 miles – I love running in Cleveland.  It’s so freakin’ flat!  I ran my four fastest miles ever!  Although I have to confess – I took a break at 2 miles at a park along Lake Erie.  But still, my pace averaged 11:38.  I really struggle for that here and there is no way I could maintain that kind of pace for 4 miles around my neighborhood.  It’s actually made me think that I might do the Cleveland Half Marathon next year.

Wearing my MD Sweatyband in Ohio! (Along with my Baltimore Half Marathon shirt)

Thursday – rest and traveling back home

Friday – PT Exercises & core work

Saturday – 3 miles at the Color Run

Sunday – Bob Harper – Yoga for the Warrior- this was an hour long video and I really liked it.  Again, borrowed from the library.

Monday – 5 Miles – I had planned to do 6.  It was so humid outside.  I waited until about 8:30 to go out and it was already hot and sticky.  There was a lot of stopping and starting.  I tried a new loop that takes me up a new hill, but I pass the Dunkin Donuts – good news if I need a pee break (which I did).  I was reaching a point where I could do another loop to make it six or head home to make it 5.  I was running low on fluids and I wasn’t near the Dunkin at this point so I called it.

Thankfully the next few weeks are not too busy.  So I’m thinking I’ll get back on a regular schedule again. I found a plank challenge I want to start, but I’ve got to write it down, the plan is on an info graphic that doesn’t print out well.  I’ll share that in another post.

Have you done the Color Run?  Have you ever run a race in Cleveland?  Is there a place you travel to that you love to run?



Frederick Half Marathon Training – Week 7

Look, I’m getting caught up!  Although I do not have a Frederick Factoid this week.  I know, I know.  You guys were all waiting with baited breath to find out what else was so awesome about Frederick.  Sorry to disappoint.


This week in training wasn’t anything exciting.

Sunday – Kelly’s Shamrock 5K – 3.1 miles

Monday – PT, Yoga & Stretching

Tuesday – 3 Miles & Yoga – Real Yoga with Jeff – This was a yoga class taught by a family friend. I always knew he taught yoga, but he’s never taught anywhere convenient to where I live.  His classes are more meditative and breath focused.  It’s not as physically intense as the other classes I do, so it’s a nice complement to everything else I do all week long.  He teaches a couple times a week and I’m going to start going on Thursday evenings.

Wednesday –  PT & core work

Thursday – 5x800s – 3.4 miles.  This was a great and challenging run.  It of course was on the treadmill, because winter just wouldn’t leave!  I did a .5 mile warm up, then a half mile each at 5.3, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.5 with one minute walk breaks in between.  The 5.5 speed isn’t something I go up to very often, but decided to try it twice this week.

FridaySnow Day Rest Day – I actually took the day off of work and was so happy to not have to drive to work in the snow.  WTF? Mother Nature.  I decided to go to the movies by myself and I saw Cinderella in case you were wondering.  And yes, it was good!

Saturday – Work Event, on my feet most of the day.  Not how I like to spend the day before a long run.

Sunday – White Hall 15K, with .5 mile warm up – 9.7 miles total.  I probably won’t recap this.  Salt did an awesome recap here.  It was my second race with the Baltimore Road Runners and it did not disappoint.  From the $2 entry fee to the free pictures (I didn’t like mine, so you won’t be finding them here) to the Peeps and Jelly Beans at the finish.  I’m looking forward to more races with them.  One race highlight for me  was that I was following a woman for most of the race.  Her pace was similar and we chatted a bit here and there.  During the last mile she started to slow down and I was able to pull ahead of her.  That was probably one of my most favorite running moments this year so far.  🙂

Total Miles – 19.2

So now that I’m nearing the end of my training cycle, I’ve got 3 more long runs before I start to taper.  I’ve had to adjust the rest of my schedule to make sure I hit the miles that I wanted to hit before tapering.  So I’m planning the following long run schedule:

3/28 – 11 Miles
4/4 – 13 Miles
4/11 – 11 Miles
4/18 – Sole of the City 10K – Taper Time!
4/25 – 5 Miles
5/3 – RACE DAY!!!

I thought I was going to have one more pull back week but it just didn’t work out.  I think it worked out during training last summer because the training cycle had a few more weeks to it.  See this makes it seem that much closer!!!  I can’t believe it will be in just over a month.

Also, we are 2 months out from the Baltimore Color Run on May 23rd.  If you are in the area or want to come to the area and run, use discount BALTIMORE5 to save $7 off your registration.  Look at all the fun you’ll miss if you don’t!


Did you like Gilly?  Have you had any great run or race moment yet this year?