Baltimore Half – Week 5

Good morning and happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty good…a step back long run, a low key Saturday, and a pool day on Sunday.  We also had some great running weather last week.  After the storms passed through on Tuesday or Wednesday, the mornings were really cool.  It was almost a sin to NOT run on Thursday or Friday.  The negative from this weekend?  My Garmin erased it’s history – I’m 100% sure I didn’t do it.  It’s not that big of a deal since I literally had just synced it on Tuesday and I double track everything on Map My Run, but I hadn’t uploaded my long run to Garmin Connect yet and I like looking at my routes and splits.  My long run Saturday was faster than I’ve been running and I really wanted to look at my splits (stomping foot).

My Garmin has been acting wonky a bit lately, sometimes freezing when I go to look at the history, so I have to get it on a charger before I can do anything with it.  I’ve only had it about 18 months, it shouldn’t be doing that right?  I’ve got a 110.  Is it time for an upgrade?  (I’d love some wireless syncing action and step tracking.)

I had a good week of workouts including the brutal track work out on Tuesday.

8/9 – Rest Day

8/10 – PT exercises, foam rolling, & stretching – I was still feeling Saturday’s run.

8/11 – 4.83 Miles of Speed Work – This was a crazy ladder workout that had us doing 4x200s, 3x400s, 2x800s, and 1×1600.  I did most of the 200s and 400s a touch too fast so the 800s and the 1600 were just about finishing.  Last year, I might not have finished, so there’s victory in that.

8/12 – Yoga with Adrienne – This one was called Strengthen & Lengthen, I wanted some lengthening after Tuesday night’s workout.  I can’t recommend her videos enough.  She has a great personality and describes yoga as feeling “yummy”.  I want to be her friend!

8/13 – Unintentional Rest Day – had to travel for work

8/14 – 2.2 easyish miles – Because I missed my Tempo Run on Thursday, I wanted to get a few easy miles in.  I ended up running the last 1.2 miles much faster than I wanted only because I hit a nice downhill during the second mile and rode the momentum until I got back to my house.  I’d love to know what my splits were (see Garmin drama above.)

8/15 – 7 Miles – This was a step back week, so I only had to go 7.  I ended up running this faster than usual, I’ll attribute it to the downhills in the beginning.  I definitely started out faster than I wanted.  Like I mentioned earlier, I wish I could review my splits, but that damn Garmin (shaking fist).

Total Miles – 14.03

So what’s on the schedule this week?  More of the same, with 10 miles planned on Saturday.  Although I still need to get in some strength work, so I have Jillian Michael’s on standby.  Work is about to get super busy for about 6 weeks, so I’m not sure how regular my posts will be, not that I’m posting a ton right now anyway.  But in case I disappear, you’ll know why.

How long should my Garmin last?  Any recs on an upgrade?  How is your training going?

Friday Five Linkup – Gym Bag Edition

Good Morning!  Today I’m linking up with Mar from Mar On the Run, Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC, and Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?! for the Friday Five!

Friday Five

This is my first link up!  I’ve seen bloggers doing this for a while and since one of my non-running goals is to expand my blog a bit, I figured I’ll jump in starting this week.

This week’s theme is “What’s In My Gym Bag?”

First up, here’s my bag.


It’s a Thirty One Zip Top Organizing Tote.  I liked it because it had lots of pockets and it’s not too big, not too small, can fit a pair of shoes and a change of clothes if need be.  I don’t shower at the gym, so this is just the right size.  Now on to the contents.

1. Spin Shoes


I just recently got a pair – like in the past month.  I can’t really explain how it feels different, but it just does.  It’s a smoother ride, because your foot is attached to the pedal – none of the jostling around in the shoe straps.  I got these on clearance at REI.  Even if you can’t find a deal, they are a good investment, they won’t wear out, like ever (or so I’m told).

2. My Garmin

  01f1ad4f5d8e64e931adc1d423b2673a6d13cc942fI actually don’t use my Garmin at the gym, but I keep it in my bag so that it doesn’t get lost.  As you can see, I put those lovely KT Tape cases to use and store it in there.

3.  Hydration

0100ca2fedbb5a86beef6d9711a82f375591c02e28Here is my awesome giant water bottle and a couple of Gu Brews.  This is a water bottle I got from work and it’s the only water bottle I have that holds enough water to get me through spin class.  Its just a basic squeeze bottle, but I never go to spin without it.  On to the Gu Brew, I went a few months without any Nuun and the last time I was at the running store they had Gu Brew – so I thought I would try it out. It’s not as good in my opinion.  To be fair though, one of the flavors I got was strawberry lemonade, which I knew I probably wouldn’t like.  They should probably convert their root beer Gu into a Brew.  (Maybe even the watermelon flavor.)

4 & 5 – Miscellaneous


This picture contains so much miscellaneous.  Due to the multiple pockets, lots of things end up in my gym bag for safe keeping.  If I ever need something for a run, I know it’s probably in my gym bag.  In this pic is a spare Bondi Band (they soak up ALL the sweat), Body Glide from last summer, my Road ID, chapstick, some extra safety pins, and my headphones.

This bag should really be called my run bag.  Last summer during my training, I used to just grab this bag and go.  I would keep my hydration belt in it, my post-run snacks, Gus, a towel for my car…  I was never running around looking for things in the morning when I knew I had to meet up with my group.

So that’s my gym bag.  This was an easy first link up!  Can’t wait for next week.

So, what’s in your bag? Nuun vs. Gu Brew – Where do you stand?  Any other creative uses for the KT Tape cases?