2015 Goals

I can’t think of a more clever title, so a straightforward “2015 Goals” will have to do.

There have been a lot of these posts lately, because of New Years and all.  So why would I be any different?  Last Friday, I read a post on Cynthia’s blog You Signed Up for What?! about how to stick to your fitness goals – and it all reminded me of last year.  I had publicly declared on Facebook to run a 5K, found a plan to follow, taped it to my bathroom mirror, and checked off each workout as I completed them.  Before I knew it, I loved running and ended the year running a half marathon.  So with that kind of success last year, what do I plan on doing in 2015?

As of right now, I am registered for 7 races.  If you’ve looked at my Races page recently, I’ve listed them there.  I’ll probably run a few more 5Ks, so I feel like my year might end up closer to 11 or 12.

  • Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K – March 15, 2015
  • Sole of the City 10K – April 18, 2015
  • Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon – May 3, 2015
  • Color Run – May 23, 2015
  • Baltimore 10 Miler – June, 13, 2015
  • Charles Street 12 – September 5, 2015
  • Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon – October 17, 2015



I don’t really have resolutions, but goals for 2015…so here we go:

1.  No Injuries!  Specifically to the knees.  I’m going to be doing more cross training this year to stay strong.  Along with keeping up with the physical therapy exercises I was given.  I actually saw my physical therapist at the grocery store a few weeks ago, we chatted briefly and I’m planning a pre-emptive visit next month just to “check in” and get checked out.  I also want to work on my core a bit, I might do a 30 day plank challenge or 30 day core challenge to work on this.

2. Drop the last 20 pounds.  I’m 20 lbs away from my goal weight.  Granted the last quarter of the year I slacked in the exercise department and when I wasn’t slacking there, I was eating all the food (around the holidays).  I was able to maintain a 30 lb. weight loss this year, which is the longest I’ve ever kept weight off.  It’s going to involve better meal planning (and sticking to the plan).  I’m good at planning a weeks worth of healthy meals, but some nights I just don’t want to cook them.  Then we end up doing something easy which usually isn’t all that good for us.  My husband is on board with cooking a bunch of stuff on Sundays, so at least we are both on the same page.

3.  Get Faster! I seem to run the same pace for everything, 5K, half marathon, 10K, whatever, I run the same pace. I don’t know if I need to slow down more for the longer runs or if I need to push myself more on the 5K.  Either way, I want to figure it out this year.  Ultimately, I want to get my 5K time closer to 30 minutes.


4.  More Water.  Since I started running, I have been more concerned with staying properly hydrated.  Last year I pretty much cut out all soda.  I still have one occasionally, but now I stick mostly to coffee, tea, and water.  That doesn’t mean that I’m drinking enough though.  Helly also posted this as her goal and posted a cool app to track her water intake.  Upon searching on the app store, I actually had downloaded one before and deleted it, so I got it back from the cloud and will be tracking my beverage intake.

5. Join a Running Club.  Done!  I did this last week.  I joined the Baltimore Road Runners Club. They do a lot of runs near my house, and the races are cheap!  I was kinda intimidated by running clubs thinking everyone would be super fast, so I held out on joining for a long time.  But 2015 is a new year and I’m going to branch out a little more.  Joining the BRRC will allow me to run a few more races this year and not break the bank.  I think the next race they have that I would like to do is in February.

6. Jogging Stroller? This one is still up in the air.  Charlotte is 3, so I don’t know how much use I’d get out of it.  She doesn’t want to ride in a stroller now as it is.  Plus our neighborhood is mighty hilly.  I’m not sure I want to be pushing a 30 lb. preschooler around.  I’m keeping my eye out on Craigslist and the consignment shops, so we’ll see.  If I can get one on the cheap, I may bite the bullet and see if she wants to go on runs with Mommy come spring time.

My last goal isn’t for 2015, but a longer term goal.  I want to run 40 races by the time I turn 40.  No stipulations on distance, just organized races.  I turned 35 this past December, so I’ve got until December 2019 to get it done.  I am going to count 2014’s races, just so I have a buffer in case of injury.  I don’t want to feel pressure to hit the goal and hurt myself.  This makes me excited.  I have all sorts of ideas for that 40th race, but I think I’ll just get through the next few years first.

So there you have it – my running goals for 2015 and beyond!

I guess I can also share some personal goals too.

Non – running goals include:
1. Redoing our master bedroom.  – And by redoing, finally painting it a color we want after living in it for 6 years.  Brian really wants a new bed and king size. So I told him he needs to get his stuff organized and we need to rearrange the room. By doing all that, we might as well just go whole hog and redo the bedroom and make it a nice sanctuary – instead of the cluster it is now. I’m doing some purging of my own too, so I’m really looking forward to having a pretty bedroom soon.
2. Finances – Do a budget and stick to it.  We are consolidating some debt right now, which makes me happy because we will be able to save some money.  I am publicly vowing not to make any frivolous purchases through the end of February.  I have enough clothes to get me through the winter, I have enough athletic gear to get me through next year. In the spring I will re-evaluate only because if I make progress on my weight loss goals, I’ll need some new summer clothes.


This will be me in a year

3. Be Awesome, Give Awesome, Get Awesome. – If anyone out there reads Jen Lancaster, you’ll know that mantra. It was from her book, The Tao of Martha.  It’s a manta that she created about her dog that I thought was a way I wanted to live as well. I guess it’s that positive thinking projection kinda thing – but I love the word “awesome” so it spoke to me. I want to be a nicer, more awesome person to be around. I want to give back and share awesomeness with others, and in return, I hope to get some awesomeness back in some shape or form.

So there you have it.  Those are all my goals for 2015.  There are probably more I didn’t list, but they probably aren’t all that interesting.

Do you have any similar goals?  What do you do to try and stick to your resolutions / goals?


I’m a Legit Runner – I Have a Knee Issue


Peter Griffin

So back in May when I was ramping up my mileage in preparation for my 10K, my knee started to bug me. At first I didn’t think much of it, just figured it was due to the long run. Then later that week at Body Pump as I was midway through the squat track, I felt a pain from my knee radiate up my thigh. So that’s not normal. OMG, but I have to run this 10K! I took it easy over the next few days and got an appointment with an ortho later that week (my 10k was that weekend).

He determined it was chrondomalacia / patellofemoral pain syndrome. (or Runners Knee if you don’t want to be fancy). He prescribed PT 3 times a week for 6 weeks. I stopped him right there because my copay to see a specialist is $80.

jaw drop

(I know you are all thinking WTF? An $80 copay)

But anywho, the question was “Can I run the 10k doc?” He didn’t recommend it, but said it wouldn’t do any long term damage. WaHooo!

I ended up running the 10K – feeling great, took some deliberate walk breaks and paced way better than I thought I would.

I did go to one PT session after the 10K, explained my copay to the therapist and she said that I didn’t need to come and pay to see her as long as I did the exercises at least 3 times a week. That $80 would be better spent on a new pair of shoes to add to my rotation. Double WaHooo!

So a month later, my knee started acting up again (right after a stupid hilly 5K).  I’ve been doing the exercises regularly and I haven’t run more than 3.1 miles at a time since the 10K.  I’ve been icing, taping, resting as needed and as I write this, my knee feels fine.  It’s felt fine all week.  It seems to be coming and going.  I’m so afraid of it sidelining me as I increase my mileage over the next several weeks.  Is this something that will just come and go and never really go away?


Have you ever dealt with Runners Knee?  What did/do you do to help it?  How much is your specialist copay?