Weekly Workout Review – 6/2-6/8

Another week goes by and I had another week of workouts.  I already told you about my weekend race, I’ve got lots to think about while gearing up for half training next month.  My plans for this month are to just keep up with cross training, keep up my base miles, run for fun, and maybe do a few runs without the Garmin, or put it in my pocket or something where I can’t look at it every 5 seconds.

Tuesday – Day 7 of the Plank Challenge!  Today I had to hold a standard plank for as long as I could and I made it 1:49.  Baseline was 1:33.  Next Tuesday will be the next Plank Test.  I also did 4 circuits from Jillian Michael’s DVD “No More Trouble Zones”  It’s a strength training DVD that is about 55 minutes total.  I didn’t have time to do the whole workout, but this DVD allows you to select each of the circuits individually.  Which I like so I can customize a shorter workout when I need to.  I chose Shoulders & Legs, Chest & Core, Biceps & Butt, Triceps & Thighs.  Additional circuits were: Core, Upper Body & Core, & Lower Body & Core.

Wednesday – Happy National Running Day!  I got up in the AM and did PT exercises and Plank Challenge D8

Thursday – 3 Miles – I wanted to take an easy run, but also wanted to run a little faster than usual, so the plan was to try for negative splits.  My legs did not want to run they were very heavy.  I went after work, because I was too tired in the morning, and I think I was still tired.  I ended up running 12:15, 12:15, and 12:05.  Not exactly what I wanted, but I felt good after not having run since Sunday.

Friday – a little yoga, a little stretching, plank challenge D9

Saturday – Baltimore 10 Miler!  Recap is posted here.

Sunday – Still sore from Saturday’s race, so I met up with my MRTT mamas to just walk.  I brought Charlotte along who wanted to run.  She was a little sad as everyone pulled ahead of us.  She turned around and told me ” They’re going to reach the finish line before us!”   She ended up tiring herself out, so I had to carry her back to the car to get our non-jogging stroller and then we headed back out.  I showed her how to eat honeysuckles and we listened music on the iPod as we walked along the trail.  I enjoyed her version of Shake It Off.  We ended up going a little over 2 miles.   It was a good morning…she enjoyed eating munchkins and spilling my coffee afterwards.

Sara Myer Lichter's photo.

Monday – Plank Challenge D12 – this was the first combo day of both regular planks & side planks.  I also did some stretching and foam rolling, my calves were still tight.

Total Miles – 13

Plank Time – 1:49

Overall it was a meh week.  I was taking it easy in preparation for the race on Saturday and with Brian out of town I was limited on what I could do on Tuesday & Wednesday.  I also missed a couple of the plank challenge days.  I missed a day, so I planked on a plan rest day, then completely skipped the plank on race day.  Monday should have been a rest day (Day 13 not Day 12), but I wanted to get the work in before my plank test this morning.  This week I’m committing to sticking to the plank schedule, getting in a few easy runs, and doing some PT & strength training.

What are your goals for the week?  What do you focus on in between training cycles?


Friday Five Link Up – Free As a Bird

Happy Friday y’all!  This week has flown by thanks to the three day weekend.  (I’m not complaining).  Since it was such a short week I had so much jam packed in that I’m excited to recover from the madness this weekend.  Poolside.

I’m excited to link up with the DC Trifecta, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, again this morning for the Friday Five Link Up.

Friday Five

Today’s theme was a free one!  Can’t wait to see what everyone else is talking about in this week’s link up!  I’m being kinda random and just sharing some things that happened this week.

1.  You know you’re a mother runner when:  your daughter takes a picture of her feet to be like mommy.



2.  I started a 30 Day Plank Challenge.  It’s from My Fitness Pal.  I like this plank challenge because it’s not just straight planks.  It incorporates side planks, walking planks, alternating hand planks, and spiderman planks over the course of 30 days.  At the end of every week in the challenge you do a standard plank test to see your progress.  I started with a baseline of 1:33.  I might have been able to hold it longer, but I didn’t.  So we’ll see how the rest of the month goes.  If you want to play along – follow me on Facebook!


Click picture to be taken to Challenge site.

3.  Playlist updates.  I listen to Entertainment Weekly radio on Sirius XM and yesterday they were talking about Prince.  Specifically they were talking about all the songs he has written for other people.  He’s such an amazing artist and has written so many songs.  I probably should have taken the opportunity to go see his free concert in Baltimore a few weeks ago, but that was too close to all the craziness so I didn’t even entertain the idea.  But yesterday’s radio conversation made me add a few Prince goodies to my playlist.

  • Lets Go Crazy
  • When You Were Mine
  • Controversy
  • 1999
  • I Would Die For You

There are so many more!!!


4.  Yesterday I did my first hill workout (all by myself).  I need to fine tune it a bit, but I found a decent hill – not too hard, not too easy – along my route.  So I ran to the hill (about 2 miles) and did 3 sprints up the hill.  I cooled down by walking back down.  The hill was only about a tenth of a mile, but I ran it as fast as I could.  When I checked my watch the sprints were in the 7:30s.  I’d like to try for doing 5 at a time.  I waited too long to go out plus it was 97% humidity – 3 was enough all I had time for.  I ran back home and my total mileage was about 3 miles.  I need to use the lap feature on my watch to track this.  Which I didn’t yesterday, so my garmin didn’t really give me any data on how I did.  I’ll try again next week.

5.  Also, yesterday evening, and I’ll do a full recap early next week, I went down to Fleet Feet in Gaithersburg, MD and saw Dimity McDowell from Another Mother Runner speak.  It was a book party for Tales from Another Mother Runner.  She was so nice and friendly – she came out and walked right up to me and gave me a hug.  Lovely lovely lady.  Since I started running last year, the Mother Runner books were my bibles on getting started.  So I got a few pics, got my book signed, and even won one of the raffles!  It was a great evening!

Look who else I ran into there – none other than Cynthia herself!  She was there with her MRTT group.



Last night I was meeting all kinds of running celebrities!


So there you have it.  Five things from my week.


Do you do hill workouts?  Please share your routine with me?  What is your favorite Prince song?  Have you read any of the Mother Runner books?