Friday Five – The One Where We Talk About FOOD!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I’m always so chipper on Fridays even though I usually don’t have anything too exciting lined up.  I’m usually staring down the barrel of a long run and this weekend it will be 11.  Outside.  Somewhere.  I haven’t decided if I want to do it on the trail or on the hills.  I haven’t been running outside all that much except for the past few long runs, so the hills could hurt.  But I want some variety!!  I’ll probably hit the trail though, I don’t want to hurt myself.  I’ve got all year to run the hilly routes.

After my hiatus last week, I’m back to linking up with the DC Trifecta, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia, for the Friday Five.

Friday Five

This weeks Friday Five is all about favorite spring foods.  I thought this would be hard…what special foods are around in the spring?  Then once I got started, they just kept coming.  None of them are all that healthy, but the produce doesn’t really flourish until the summer.

1.  Easter Candy – I think Easter has the best candy of any holiday.  My favorites being Cadbury Eggs and Reese’s Eggs.  I also love me some jelly beans, Peeps, Robins Eggs…I love it all.


2.  Rita’s Italian Ice – Rita’s opens on the first day of spring and I am usually lying in wait.  Everything on their menu is fantastic, from the simple ice to their Blendinis.  They offer so many fantastic flavors one of my faves is Swedish Fish.  Rita’s also has the most delicious custard.  When I’m feeling really indulgent, I’ll get a gelati, which is an ice with custard on the bottom and the top.  I love Ritas!

Ritas Ice


3.  Matzo Ball Soup – Passover occurs sometime in the spring, usually around the same time as Easter.  One of my favorite things about the major Jewish holidays is making matzoh ball soup.  Making chicken soup isn’t hard, I could do that at anytime, but there is just something about making a huge pot of soup to contribute to a family / holiday meal.  We make our matzo balls using a mix and we use olive oil which just makes them taste soooo good.  We’ve had our meal catered before and the matzo balls were flavorless.  So I have no problem making them so I can guarantee they taste right.


4.  Margaritas – It’s not quite Cinco de Mayo, but spring means it’s time to drink something refreshing.  Behold the margarita.  I prefer mine on ice and huge.

Hubcap Margarita

The Hubcap Margarita from Nacho Mama’s in Baltimore.


5.  Matzo Brickle – This is another Passover treat.  You basically take some brown sugar and butter and melt it down on the stove to make toffee.  Then pour it over sheets of matzo that are laid out on a sheet pan.  You then pop the sheet pan in the oven for a few minutes until the toffee is bubbly.  When you take the sheet pan out of the oven, then you sprinkle chocolate chips on top.  The chocolate chips will melt and then you spread the chocolate all over the top.  Stick it in the fridge to harden and that’s it!  You could sprinkle coconut or some other toppings like nuts on top of the chocolate if you want too.  It’s just as delicious plain.  I’ve seen this made with saltine crackers too, so you don’t need to have matzo.  Here is a recipe I found for you that calls it Matzo Crack.  A very fitting name.  Whenever someone brings this, it’s gone very quickly.

So those are my favorite springtime foods, or at least foods I look forward to enjoying after the long cold winter.  I’m not eating them nonstop – all in moderation.  For the most part, they are holiday related, so I’m only indulging to be festive!  I can’t wait to read what everyone else is eating this spring!

Cadbury eggs can be divisive – do you love ’em or hate ’em?  Is there a traditional food that is at your spring holiday table? (you know, the one food that if it’s missing causes a huge uproar even if there are a million other foods available?)  Anything on your training plan for the weekend?