Friday Five – Brands I LOVE!

Happy Friday!  Work has been insane this week!  I’ve also been planning an event for my local HR organization which is tomorrow (Friday), so the last two weeks of planning have been crazy…it was seriously more stressful than my wedding.

Anyways…it will all be over after tomorrow.  Although I’m not to happy about being on my feet all day the day before a race.  Sole of the City is on Saturday!!

After missing a week or two, I found the time to put together my Friday Five – Brands I LOVE!!!  These things are all over the map because I love and use lots of things…

1. Target Brand ANYTHING! – Merona?  Yes please.  Up & Up?  Yes please.  Market Pantry?  Archer Farms?  Delicious!  Most of my running and gym clothes are from the C9 by Champion line and Charlotte is typically clothed in some manner of Circo or Cherokee from Target.  Their stuff is cute and inexpensive.  And for those of you interested, the Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target hits stores on Sunday.  Charlotte & I might be spotted wearing matching rompers this summer…just sayin’


2. Crocs Flip Flops – I’m not a fan of the huge Crocs clogs, but their flip flops are nice.  I live in flip flops in the summer and they are supportive and comfy.  I cannot wear the $1 Old Navy flip flops anymore (and definitely wouldn’t now that I try to take extra good care of my feet).  I don’t wear any other flip flops now.

CrocFlops3. Asics Running Shoes – I haven’t used many brands of shoes since I started running, but I know that I like these and they are good for my form.  I started out in Brooks – the Adrenaline and then the Ghost.  I had bought a pair of Asics Cumulus online because the color was cute (Turquoise & Electric Melon).  Later last summer when I had my bad knee problem the PT told me to never run in the Ghosts.  So I stuck with the Cumulus.  I bought a pair of Saucony Triumphs on clearance last fall that have been okay – I’m afraid to run too much in them because I’m so nervous about messing up my knee again, so I only use them for short runs.  In researching other Asics shoes, I came across the Nimbus, basically the Cumulus with more cushion.  So I added the Nimbus to my shoe wardrobe a few months ago when I was ready to retire my Cumulus’s.

4. Dunkin Donuts Coffee – If I’m going to get coffee in the morning, it’s from Dunkin Donuts.  Nothing wrong with Starbucks, but it is so darn expensive!!!  I’m not a coffee connoisseur, so if there is something extra special about the Starbucks beans, I don’t know what it is.  Dunkin always has the best flavors too.  They have their ice cream flavors out now, Cookie Dough, Butter Pecan, and Rocky Road.  Yum – can’t wait to stop in on my way to my event tomorrow morning (at 5AM).


5.  Benefit Better than BB Cream – I like the idea of BB creams because it’s a light product that has SPF, it’s moisturizing, and it’s just one product.  I’ve tried a few different BB creams and finally found Benefit’s.  It’s a liquid to powder so my face doesn’t feel greasy after I put it on.  It’s got SPF 35 and good coverage so I feel “made up” without a ton of makeup on.  A little goes a long way so it lasts for a while.


Thanks again to the DC Trifecta for once again hosting a fun link up!

 Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia

Friday Five

Starbucks or Dunkin?  What is your favorite thing to buy at Target?  Any other supportive flip flops out there I could try out?


  1. I am definitely a Dunkin girl, my friends like to joke that I purposely picked where I currently live because there is a Dunkin right across the street. As far as Target goes, I like to buy anything and everything there, though I have to restrain myself and purchase things from Wal-Mart when I need to l due to watching my spending or if I just need one thing likebecause we all know you can’t not walk out of Target under $100. Lol.

  2. I actually have a pair of wedge heels for work from Crocs that are so so so comfortable and cute! I never would have imagined that was possible, but they’re great. And Target does me in every time! I don’t think I’ve ever left that store having spent less than $100!

    • Yeah it was insane. I went hoping to get a dress or something for my daughter, the racks in women’s were empty by 8:08. I did get two dresses for my daughter. People had full carts and basically just wiped the racks clean to sort through later. The “ladies” who wanted Lilly weren’t really ladylike at all.

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